“Bachelor” Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his wife Lauren Burnham Luyendyk welcomed their first child on May 29.

However, one week after their daughter Alessi was born, Lauren received criticism for leaving her newborn at home to hang out with her sister. And Arie had a message for the critics who chastised his wife for grabbing a bite to eat without her newborn.

On Wednesday, Lauren stepped out with her sister Heather, who was in town, for a meal.

The former “Bachelor” contestant captioned the Instagram post:

First time out of the house without Alessi and I only cried one time. I’d say it’s a win.

While many fans and celebs rallied around the actress after she posted the photo of herself and her sister in front of a mural others, however, left some judgmental comments about Lauren’s decision to get dress-up and go out as a mother of a newborn.

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Some commenters wrote:

I didn’t leave my kids until they were two.

Wow you left her faster then any mother I know. Must have been one good occasion.

Another person said:

… She looks amazing! Good for her!!! But can we also acknowledge that for most new moms, this isn’t reality lol. Not trying to throw hate, but just being realistic.

While another mom added:

I seriously couldn’t walk after a week and was sitting on donuts! I also was no where near showering, let alone having my hair and makeup done! It’s still hard 2 years later! You are superhuman!

That’s when Arie took to Burnham’s comments on the family photo to defend his wife against the mommy shamers. As reported by US Weekly he wrote:

To all the negative comments regarding leaving her with grandma for a 45min lunch, cut her some slack!

He continued:

It was my idea because she has been working so hard to keep up and quite frankly I commend her for 1. Being an incredible mom and getting the breast-feeding down enough to make sure she had enough while she was at lunch. (Moms know that breast-feeding can be difficult) and 2. So much of being a good parent is making sure you take care of yourself.

Many women echoed Arie’s sentiment and said it’s perfectly healthy for Lauren to “dress in clothes that aren’t always sweats” and go out with friends.

Many encouraged the first-time mother to have time for herself to fight postpartum and stay rejuvenated for her baby.

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