One New York mom called out a babysitting agency for putting her family’s life at risk by not doing its due diligence before hiring a violent sitter.

A 27-year-old mother of two children, ages 4 and 7, said a her family’s babysitter, Miriahm Paloma, plunged a knife into her shoulder twice in front of both her kids, reports CBS New York.

Paloma reportedly claimed that she didn’t get paid for her child care services and went into a fit of rage.

CBS New York

NBC New York reports the babysitter stabbed the mom during a fight over payment.

The mom, who did not want to be identified, remains in the hospital and is expected to survive the attack, according to police.

The woman said she found the sitter through a private agency while looking for a child care provider for her children with special needs. She said:

“Obviously this is a very unstable person and the agency that supposed to give support to disabled children does not know how to hire people.”

The mom recalled the incident to CBS:

“Previously, she had told me that the agency owed her money, and about two hours later, she just came out of nowhere and attacked me with a knife. She stabbed me in my back twice, there was blood all over my apartment, and my children were running back and forth.

She told me she wasn’t going to leave, then she started shouting, ‘I want my money, I want my money.'”

The victim’s children were not hurt. She continued:

“All of a sudden, I ran across the hallway down to the kids’ room, locked the kids’ room, pushed the bureau, pushed a bunk bed, everything and I’m screaming out the window for police, for help, for ambulance.”

A neighbor overheard the altercation, and someone came to the rescue by calling the cops around 2:30 p.m. on Monday.

According to The Bump, the best way to find a reliable babysitter is to find one from a trustworthy agency or hire someone who comes with a personal recommendation.

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