Five months ago, star of TLC’s “Little People, Big World,” Amy Roloff, learned she was going to become a grandma not once but twice in 2017.

First, her son, Zach Roloff, and wife Tori announced they were having a baby boy, whom they welcomed into the world on May 12:

Then Zach’s twin brother, Jeremy Roloff, and his wife Audrey revealed they were having a baby girl, who is expected to make an appearance towards the end of this summer:

In the midst of all the excitement of helping her children prepare for life as parents, Amy thought it would be a good idea to throw a party for herself, in order to help her prepare for life as a grandma.

Amy’s unique idea was to throw what she called a “Grandma Shower.”

She explained her reasoning behind the shower:

“I like to be a little self-sufficient, and so I wanted a grandma party to get those things that a grandma may need or want so when the kids bring over the grandbabies, I’m all ready and prepared and they don’t have to stress out.”

Similar to a baby shower, a “grandma shower” is a party where friends bring gifts that will make the transition to becoming a grandmother as smooth as possible.

However, unlike a baby shower, Amy’s grandma shower didn’t just consist of diaper cakes and onesies…

It also consisted of something special for Amy to wear while spending intimate time with new boyfriend, Chris Marek.

During the latest episode of “Little People, Big World,” Amy and her two closest friends, Deb and Lisa, discussed the plans for the unconventional shower over lunch. What Amy didn’t know was that her friends, who were helping her throw the shower, had a few “surprises” up their sleeves.

Grandma shower anyone? #LPBW starts now!

Posted by Little People, Big World on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

At the shower, the women played games such as, “Pin the Panties on the Granny,” which was similar to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” and they passed out their gifts.

But not all of the gifts were baby appropriate.

The last gift Amy received celebrated her not only becoming a grandma, but a “dating grandma.”

The risqué present included pink lingerie and undergarments.

Amy admitted to being a little embarrassed by the unexpected surprise:

“I was a little embarrassed. I was like, ‘Lisa, what are you doing? You should have given me this in private.'”

Despite the bout of embarrassment, Amy is now more than prepared to welcome her first two grandbabies into her home.

And while Amy never thought she’d be in the position she’s in — that of a divorced grandma — she admitted to feeling very grateful and blessed for everything she still has in her life.

And who knows, maybe this whole “grandma shower” thing will start catching on.

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