A Cleveland radio station has decided to remove holiday classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside” from its rotation in light of #MeToo movement, but was it the right decision?

After a call from a listener deeming it inappropriate, WDOK Christmas 102.1 posted a poll on their website asking listeners to vote on whether or not the song should be removed.

In the article above the poll, Glenn Anderson, Star 102 personality, wrote:

 The world we live in is extra sensitive now, and people get easily offended, but in a world where #MeToo has finally given women the voice they deserve, the song has no place.  What do you think?

According to Fox 8, the station said the majority of listeners voted that the song was inappropriate.

American songwriter Frank Loesser wrote the now-controversial classic in 1944. The duet plays out a conversation where a man tries to convince a woman to stay with him after she says she must go.

At the beginning of the tune, she sings, “I really can’t stay” and the man responds, “Baby it’s cold outside.”

As the song progresses, the call and response become more controversial. The lyrics include:

Say, what’s in this drink?                                                                                                                       No cabs to be had out there

I wish I knew how –                                                                                                                             Your eyes are like starlight now

To break this spell –                                                                                                                             I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell

Fox 8 spoke with Sondra Miller, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center President and CEO, who said her organization supports the station’s decision. She feels its important to take a look at this old time classic with a modern perspective.

At another point in the song, the woman sings, “I ought to say, no, no, no sir.”

The man remains persistent in his point and singing, “Mind if I move in closer?” and, “but baby, it’s cold outside.”

Miller believes the song is an example of the rape culture we live in and how from the perspective of a rape survivor, the song isn’t so innocent.

She says:

“It really pushed the line of consent. The character in the song is saying ‘no,’ and they’re saying well, ‘does no really mean yes?’ and I think in 2018 what we know is consent is ‘yes’ and if you get a ‘no,’ it means ‘no’ and you should stop right there.”

However, a poll on the station’s Facebook page produced drastically different results. Many listeners were actually upset with the station for removing the song.

Many have simply interpreted the song as a conversation between lovers, where a woman is just concerned about the opinion of others.


One listener wrote in the comments of the poll:

You have that song all wrong. It is a love song, a conversation between a couple. He would like her to stay and she wants to go home. It is a conversation that probably happens a lot. This is total nonsense and you guys should be ashamed of your selves.

This interpretation may not be far-fetched. During the time the song was written, women were held to different standards. As Fox 8 reports, it was frowned upon for an unmarried woman to stay the night with a man even if she wanted to.

Some listeners even said they are no longer going to listen to the station for removing the song.



One Facebook user wrote:

Goodbye to one of my favorite radio stations. I know it won’t hurt you cuz I won’t be tuning in anymore…but I have to wonder how many loyal listener will leave now…because of a bunch of bleeding heart “me whatever it is’ I get it about trying to be more against songs about violence, against women and men. Women don’t have a monopoly when it comes to abuse. Then you better start banning every other song that’s played on the radio right now,( not just Christmas song which “Baby it’s cold outside is not one of them( the songs that use rape and violence in almost all their lyrics and they aren’t being banned..hell half the time, you can’t understand what their saying anyway, but point being you start banning music , then you better be ready to back it up and ban it all then Hitler!….?

Despite the #MeToo movement, Star 102 personality Desiray says the song is still inappropriate.

According to Fox 8, she says:

“People might say, ‘oh, enough with that #MeToo,’ but if you really put that aside and listen to the lyrics, it’s not something I would want my daughter to be in that kind of a situation. The tune might be catchy, but let’s maybe not promote that sort of an idea.”

Many listeners questioned what songs would be deemed inappropriate in the future. Others asked why similar action hasn’t been taken against other “offensive” songs. The station has not yet responded.

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19 Replies to “‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’: Radio Station Removes Christmas Classic After Some Say It’s ‘Inappropriate’”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This is the dumbest thing I have heard, have you listened to rappers?

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Ridiculous ! Guess that person found their 15 minutes of fame…

  • Debbie 2 years ago

    Glad I don’t live in the Cleveland area you people are nuts! Please don’t ever make fun of those of us living in the Bible Belt again!

  • Aura 2 years ago

    If you saw the movie that this song is in, then you would understand the song better. Society today should ban all the new rap, pop, and cultural music because it’s offensive to anyone who has to listen to the f word every other sentence or I should go down on that or any other sexist new song out there. Cry babies should leave the oldies but goodies alone and grow up. We are not a socialistic country and should be able to listen to anything. 2 amendment rights covers that too. If you don’t want you kids to listen to turn it off for the 3 minutes its on. Shouldn’t have been taken off because of one group that think they are enlightened. Mis-interpretation is the one reason to the many men and women charged for sexual assaults, if the person lies it causes more issues than the crime itself. Think and get the truth before causing an uproar.

  • Henry P Rojas 2 years ago

    I guess burning books are next, censorship should be done by the listener not the station…let these weak ass people learn to change the station, that’s how you censor FREEDOM…..FUCK THEM

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Absolutely ridiculous. Stop listening to this radio station. Sponsors stop advertising. Let them go broke and have to close down

    • Dawn 2 years ago

      YOU are SO right! The madness has got to stop!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This proves one thing,all mentally ill aren’t carryin guns and killing people. This is beyond nuts,and if they take this off the air they are as stupid too. It sounds to me like they need to clean up their minds.

  • Dawn 2 years ago

    What is wrong with this country?! You don’t like, don’t listen! Like T.V. Don’t watch it! Having a conversation at the office. Act like a mature adult and either stop reading more into things than they are, or walk away. When will the madness stop?! Enough is enough!

  • Shaunna 2 years ago

    I am so tired of people getting upset about every little thing. This is the stupidest thing I have heard so far. If you want to ban this song because they feel it degrades women then all the songs that degrade women need to be banned. The song Baby It’s Cold Outside is a classic and it’s about a man and a woman who are dating but back in the day it was taboo for an unmarried woman to stay the night with her boyfriend. People will gossip and say that something went on because she spent the night. Someone should blast that song on repeat outside of the radio station that banned this song.

  • Sherri 2 years ago

    I think its ridiculous to ban this song. It’s not put out to be tje way you think it is. Im gonna play it over and over. I love the video for it to. Stop being such cry babies over it. Gees

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    America… the land of very sensitive people

  • Christa Owens 2 years ago

    Wow! Unreal, one of the sweetest love songs of all time. My boyfriend and I sing this song to each other all year round. It is a love song from 1944 that has stood the test of time…

  • Sharon 2 years ago

    Oh my gosh I am so over PC getting over
    Your poor feeling and grow-up

  • Barbara Malinowsky 2 years ago

    Seriously? This is so pathetic it is not worth wasting the ink to print it! A classic song, as old as time, and a beautiful one at that. A love song, plain and simple. I guess people have lots of time on their hands, to sit and pull apart a song and make it into something dirty. How sad…..

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  • Bunny Heppner 2 years ago

    But movies and tv shows with sex scenes as well as songs with the F word and others like bitches are ok…people are so brainwashed and misguided.

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