Hayze Hart was born with a rare birth defect called gastroschisis, or a hole in his stomach that caused his intestines to grow outside his body.

As previously reported by Dearly, Hayze received five surgeries to close the hole, but his condition never improved.

When Hayze’s health started to wane, his mom, Catherine Consolini, started to search for specialized care.

Catherine found a hospital in Boston that had years of experience treating babies with his condition and tried to bring him there for treatment, but his insurance company refused to pay for the crucial transportation needed to move him.

Now, as his mom told Dearly, Hayze may finally be on the road to recovery.

Earlier this week, the 5-month-old boy was transported in a plane to Children’s Hospital in Boston.

Catherine was able to raise more than $27,000 on GoFundMe to pay for the transportation. She told Dearly that without the funding, her son could’ve died:

“While the hospital he was born in was a top institution in Louisiana, they did not specialize in his condition. The donations were crucial because our family did not have the means to financially afford the transport. I tried every other avenue before I reached out for help from our community. Every single donation helped get Hayze to Boston for better care. Every person played a part, and we are forever grateful.”

In an interview with CBS Boston, Catherine said Hayze’s health had started to deteriorate over the past few days.

It quickly became apparent he needed to be transferred as soon as possible when his parents noticed a change in his eyes.

Catherine told Dearly:

“Hayze’s dad and I began to notice the yellowish color in his eyes was becoming worse. By the time we left New Orleans, his eyes were almost green.”

The change in eye color was indicative of a problem with his liver. Catherine pushed to have Hayze discharged as soon as possible and flew him to Boston the same day.

She told Dearly that Children’s Boston is currently investigating the damage that was done to his organs, including his liver. But she’s thrilled Hayze is finally receiving the biliary treatment she fought hard to get for him:

“Boston is currently running tests to see where his levels are currently. His bilirubin levels are still elevated. He starts Omegaven tonight, which we are hoping will help his liver. Omegaven is the treatment, and one of the reasons, we wanted Hayze at Boston Children’s.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, bilirubin tests help doctors determine the health of a liver. Higher levels of bilirubin indicate that a liver is unhealthy. Once Hayze’s bilirubin levels are lower, doctors will start to discuss how to move forward with surgery and other care.

Hayze isn’t out of the woods yet, but his family is happy he’s finally in the right hands.

Watch Catherine’s interview with CBS Boston below.

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