Walt Disney World is commonly referred to as a place “Where Dreams Come True,” however for some unsuspecting Disney staff, it is where the unthinkable happened on Sunday, November 4.

WFTV reports that a woman came into the Animal Kingdom Lodge at about 2 a.m. claiming that a stranger had handed her a newborn baby.

However, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, authorities later found out the lady made up the story and the baby was, in fact, her own.

Deputies told WFTV that the baby was wrapped up in bloody towels, as 32-year-old Cassandra Durham walked into the lobby and told the elaborate story to a front desk employee.

Durham reportedly gave the employee a vague description of the person she claimed had left the baby with her. She originally claimed the child’s mother had left the baby with her as she stood outside smoking a cigarette.

Local firefighters responded to the scene and took the baby to Celebration Hospital where it was found to be in good health with the umbilical cord was still attached.

After investigators found out Durham was actually the mother of the baby, they quickly found the father.

Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Jeff Williamson told WFTV that the father, Durham’s husband, wants the baby and was on the property when everything happened:

“The father of the child, who was in the room or in the vicinity, has said that he does want this child, does want to keep this child, and is fighting for that legally right now.”

Due to Florida’s Safe Haven law, it is unclear whether the mother will be charged with any crimes.

Oviedo Fire Chief Lars White, the Seminole County chapter coordinator for A Safe Haven for Newborns, said even though the situation was not ideal, he is happy the baby is okay. He said Durham technically may or may not have broken any laws:

“That really doesn’t meet the intent of the law. We’re glad that she passed off the newborn to someone else, of course, and didn’t illegally abandon it. (The) law requires them to physically pass off the newborn infant to an attendant, a firefighter, a paramedic or a nurse in the hospital.”

According to the sheriff’s office, Durham was interviewed and was sent to a facility for further evaluation and treatment.

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