It’s hard to deny just how much Reese Witherspoon’s oldest child, Ava Phillippe, looks like her.

And judging by the 19-year-old’s latest Instagram post, Ava is just fine with taking after her mother.

On July 18, Ava made the world sigh a collective “awe” when she sent out a public and special shout out to Witherspoon.

Along with a beautiful photo of her famous mother, Ava wrote:

This is the gorgeous woman who taught me about the power of graciousness, love, ambition, and hard work. She inspires me everyday to live with gratitude for the life I’ve been given and compassion for others. I’m thinking about her a little extra today, that’s all.

Hundreds of people praised Ava for her “beautiful” words, and many agreed with what she had to say about Witherspoon.

And others loved seeing a daughter openly show her appreciation for all her mother has done for her:

This is so beautiful to see between a mother and daughter. God bless u.

Aww.. as a mom I’m sure your mama loves this! Tell her every day you love her.

Not enough of this these days. Beautiful.

I love the way she talks about her mother. This is exactly how I fell about my mother.

Wow ! You’re clearly doing everything right Reese Witherspoon! #momgoals

Reese you are so lucky to have a beautiful quality daughter – what’s your secret to bring up a daughter like that?

And Witherspoon herself also appreciated her daughter’s kind words.

Ava Phillippe/Instagram

The mom of three wrote:

How did I get so lucky to have a daughter like you?

In a 2018 interview, while on the set of a mother-daughter photoshoot, Witherspoon said this about her daughter:

“There is nothing like the love I have for my daughter. We share every emotion with each other, our hopes, and dreams… We can talk for hours!! Ava and I also share clothes sometimes, and it makes me so happy to see how she expresses her own personal style with each outfit she creates. She is cutting her own creative path in this world, and I could not be prouder of her.”

Witnessing this adorable mother-daughter relationship unfold makes you want to call your mom, doesn’t it?

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