After creating such a sweet sculpture of the family dog, one aunt may have created some unrealistic expectations.


As user maykmi shared on Mumsnet, last Christmas she made a tiny marzipan version of the family’s whippet to sit atop the Christmas cake. And her family was suitably impressed.

But it turns out that it wasn’t a great idea to get more ambitious for this year’s design. After sharing the “terrifying edible replica” that she made of her baby nephew’s face, the bemused aunt asked, “Why don’t they appreciate this?”


As it turns out, the marzipan dog may have given the family an inflated view of her marzipan-sculpting abilities. She wrote:

I do feel a bit bad. I got their hopes up with last year’s creation when I made their dog and it was genuinely quite realistic and sweet. Turns out whippets are more easily carvable than baby heads.

And knowing where things went wrong didn’t make it any easier to correct:

I know the skull is too small but I ran out of marzipan and didn’t want to restart a smaller face … that’s already a kilo there, maybe heavier than his actual head?

Commenters shared the aunt’s amusement at her “terrifying” creation. Several likened to a “demon,” while others saw a clear resemblance to Gollum from “Lord of the Rings.”

One commenter pointed out the upside of adorning a cake with the unsettling visage of a demon baby:

Some cakes are too beautiful to eat. Good of you to save them the dilemma.

Another imagined the full impact of unveiling the baby cake at Christmas:

My favorite thing about this is that I’ve seen the lovely dog cake and I can just imagine what everyone was expecting when you offered to do the baby.

Not this.

Understandably, the aunt’s family wasn’t excited about cutting into the baby’s head, so she removed it.


Which didn’t make it any less frightening. She wrote:

No-one has been able to stomach the thought of the demon baby cake so I gave in, swallowed my artistic pride and removed the head.

It’s a good thing it looks totally cute and un-scary now it’s falling apart and not attached to a cake right?

If anything, the marzipan baby was even more threatening off the cake. As one commenter joked:

Freed from its cake-tether, it can now slither its way through our letterboxes. How reassuring.

Fortunately, the baby’s mom was amused by the cake fail. And the aunt is looking forward to sharing the story with her nephew once he’s old enough to appreciate his creepy marzipan bust.

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