Hurricanes are wreaking havoc on Texas and parts of the East Coast, and forest fires are ravaging the Western U.S.

According to ABC News, as of Thursday, September 7, more than 76 forest fires engulfed nine Western states. Eighteen of those fires took place in Oregon, the home state of the cast of TLC’s “Little People, Big World.”

People are constantly asking me, “Are you so ready to get that baby out of you?!” And as excited as I am to meet her, I’m also trying to cherish our final days “just us” before baby girl rocks our world. In the waiting, I’ve been focusing on thankfulness, and gratitude has made me even more in awe of the beauty of pregnancy. I am so blessed to carry this life inside of me, not of my own strength and striving, but through God’s miraculous design for creating life. Focusing on each present moment, rather than longing for future moments, has made my heart abundantly thankful – and “thanksgiving always precedes the miracle.” As @annvoskamp so beautifully puts it, “In a world addicted to speed, we blur the moments…” I don’t want to live through blurred moments. I want to experience the abundance of a life lived fully present – wide eyed, thankful, and brimming with joy. #39weekspregnant #beating50percent #journeyofjerandauj

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While the fires haven’t displaced any of the Roloff family members, they have witnessed some of the aftermath, including ash falling from the sky.

Jeremy Roloff’s wife, Audrey, who is currently 41 weeks pregnant, has been cooped up in their home as a result. He revealed on Instagram that it’s making her a little stir crazy:

However, as The Stir reports, Audrey’s attempts at keeping herself busy while waiting for their unborn daughter to arrive have gotten her in a bit of hot water with her fans.

Earlier this week, the soon-to-be mom posted an image on her Instagram story that told her followers that there was “ash falling from the sky”:

Some fans had a problem with the emoji she included along with her statement. Julie Reincke shared the Instagram via Facebook and wrote:

Audrey thinks the wildfires in our beautiful state is funny. Second Instagram post today where she is laughing about all the disasters around the U.S., or doing her cold sweat ? emoji. Audrey, this is not funny when people are losing homes.

The first Instagram post was this graphic of the United States that detailed all of the natural disasters that had most recently occurred:

Audrey added the word “Yikes” with grimacing and cold sweat emojis.

Other people agreed with Julie that it was in poor taste:

Some came to Audrey’s defense:

Obviously, just because Audrey chose that specific emoji doesn’t mean the 26-year-old is actually laughing at the devastation these natural disasters have caused in the last week. However, she may want to temper her emoji usage.

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