Earlier this year, an online listing of a home in Richmond, Texas, went viral — and it’s easy to see why. The house, known as the “mannequin house,” features mannequins in nearly all of the rooms, including a few attached to the ceiling.

Homeowner Sandy told Fox 26 her home is “a reflection of herself.” But now, she’s having a difficult time selling it.

According to Redfin, the house is still on the market. The $1.275 million family home was originally listed on July 10. The house received more than 1.2 million views in two days, but interest has since waned.

In a blog post by Realtor.com, listing agent Diana Power said she warned Sandy to declutter the house for potential buyers to see the space:

“But that doesn’t work so well when you have so much stuff. It would be so expensive to store everything.”

Sandy told Fox 26 some people were negatively judging the home as a result of the mannequins in the listing:

“How can they make this judgment on me, well you know, bottom line I’m not here to judge them they want to be haters or I would like to think they just don’t understand.”

She also added the mannequins will be moving with the owner to her new home. Only time will tell if an interested buyer can see a home under the artwork.

Watch the full report below, via FOX 26.

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