November 2 was just like another Friday at school for Kael Lancey when his class was visited by their mascot as they sang the national anthem.

However, the fifth-grader was in for a big surprise when he found out his mother, Sargeant Desiree Lancey, was the one under the costume.

As WKRG reports, Desiree came to the school to surprise her son after a year-long deployment in Kuwait.

The mom admitted to WKRG that she was both nervous and excited to see her son:

“My heart has been racing all morning. I have been so nervous.”

Desiree said being deployed and away from her children is hard, but getting to see Kael again makes it worth it:

“It’s hard being in the military, being away from them so much. But seeing his face, that just initial when I walked in and I saw his face I couldn’t breathe and I was so excited.”

And she couldn’t wait to get her hands on her son:

“I just kept saying, ‘There he is, there he is.’ I was ready to rip off that mascot head and go see him. He’s my world. Him and his sister are my world. His reaction was bigger than I thought it was going to be so that made it ever so bittersweet.”

Kael told WKRG that it feels great to have his mom back with him:

“I would’ve ran over everybody.”

Soon after being surprised by his mom’s return, the mother-son pair didn’t waste any time talking and catching up. Desiree told WKRG that she planned on surprising her daughter next.

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