While the name Prince Harry and Meghan Markle picked for their newborn son got mixed reactions, historians say it has some pretty significant meanings.

On May 8, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they had named their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Now, people are trying to discover the meaning behind the name, many wishing that “Spencer” would have been included in honor of Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana Spencer.

However, it seems as though “Archie” is a nod to Princess Diana. Let’s break down his three names piece by piece.


According to People, the name could be a nod to one of Diana’s ancestors, Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll. It means “genuine and bold or brave.”

It’s been reported that the couple chose to go with “Archie” because it Americanizes it a bit more.

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Archie’s middle name and last name are a bit more obvious, according to Time.

Harrison is also a step away from tradition and, like Archie, wildly popular in British culture. Harrison also derives from an English surname that means “son of Harry.”


Mountbatten-Windsor is shared by all descendants of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, as that is their given surname.

In an interview with Time, Cleveland Evans, a former president of the American Name Society and psychology professor at Bellevue University, explained that it was surprising for Harry and Meghan to stop at only two names.

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Most children born into the royal family are given at least three or four, not including their surname. Evans explained the potential reason behind that decision:

“It makes them a part of the general British culture in that they have picked a name which is actually popular for babies in England at the moment.”

It was also revealed that Archie will not be given a title at this time. However, that could change in the future.

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