A mother is speaking out against the backlash she’s receiving after her 8-month-old daughter died and five other children were hospitalized when a fire broke out at their apartment in Antioch, Tennessee.

Investigators say the moms were at a nightclub early Sunday morning, July 7, when a candle was burning in the corner of a room and started a fire.

There wasn’t a babysitter in the home when first responders arrived, reports News Channel 5. However, the moms told investigators there was supposed to be one.

Eyewitnesses reportedly saw a 6-year-old boy running out of a burning building screaming that his siblings were trapped inside, reports FOX News.

Jream Jenkins, eight months, her 23-month-old brother and four other children between the ages of 8 months and six years, were unsupervised in the apartment when it caught on fire.

The two moms, who were 23 years old and 25 years old, told officials they tried to arrange for a babysitter, yet the children were alone when firefighters found heavy smoke and flames coming from the apartment.

News Channel 5

The fire killed Jream Jenkins. The Nashville Fire Department told the Tennessean:

“Unfortunately an eight-month-old baby did not survive the fire and died on the scene.”

She was reportedly in the same room with the candle.

Her brother is in critical condition, and four other children were hospitalized.

While mourning, Jenkins’ mother took to Facebook to address the fallout after her child’s death.  Many people were angry that no one was watching the kids.

News Channel 5

However, the mom called the fire a terrible accident, adding that she loves her baby more than her own life. Jenkins’ little brother is still fighting for his life:

“I love my kids. I love my kids so much.[…] That’s my only little girl. I love that little girl.”

Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said:

“There are a number of unanswered questions at this moment.”

Children’s Services has been contacted and is investigating the incident.

Watch the video below:

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    If she loved her children as much as she says they would of never been left alone.

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Mom Faces Backlash After Apartment Fire Kills Baby and Injures 5 Other Children While Moms Were at Nightclub

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