The internet’s favorite short-term Trump administration member, Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, has pivoted to a new television gig.

On Monday, former White House Communications Director Scaramucci took a guest host spot recently on TMZ Live. And much like during his tenure in Washington, The Mooch wasn’t afraid to make some bold — even salacious — claims.

During a rundown with TMZ founder Harvey Levin, Scaramucci called attention to Tom Brady’s absence from a White House Championship Party back in April. And whom does the former Trump staffer blame for Brady’s absence? Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen. Scaramucci said during the live broadcast:

“Somebody should ask Gisele why Tom Brady didn’t show up at the championship party.”

He implied that a jealous Bündchen kept the star quarterback away all because of a petty lovers’ quarrel. He also hinted that Brady’s alleged taste in women is presidential.

Scaramucci claimed that Bündchen might have been envious of a supposed past between Brady and First Daughter Ivanka Trump, saying:

“Maybe there was a relationship between him and Ivanka at some point.”

The 53-year-old, who was not employed in the administration at that point, continued by saying that Bündchen’s envy and possessive nature were “typical”:

“My guess is, which is typical, there could be a little bit of jealousy there and protection and possession of Tom Brady, and she probably didn’t want him to go.”

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

When Levin pushed Scaramucci to definitively claim that there was a relationship between Ivanka Trump and Tom Brady, the Long Island native coyly deflected:

“Dude, I was the communications director, I’m trying to say it. You’re the TMZ guy. You say it. You say it and I’ll shake my head.”

This isn’t the first time the celebrity couple has shown mixed support for the current commander in chief. During a campaign rally in November 2016, then-Republican nominee Trump told his crowd that he and Brady were great friends. He said:

“Tom Brady, great guy, great friend of mine, great, great champion, unbelievable winner. He called today and he said, ‘Donald, I support you, you’re my friend, and I voted for you.”

Donna Connor/WireImage/Getty Images

Brady’s 36-year-old supermodel wife told a different story. Fans snapped a pic of Bündchen denying her and her husband’s support of Donald Trump.

Could the vehement denial be the product of jealousy or just political difference? It seems that, for now, The Mooch’s lips are sealed.

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