PostSecret is a Facebook page with a following of more than 1.5 million people.

According to its website, the page is an “ongoing community art project” that is meant to act as a place where “people from around the world mail in their secrets anonymously.”

One of the most recent secrets shared to the page has gone viral.

Per the PostSecret Facebook page, people are shocked by the ominous message sent by an alleged “daycare provider.”

Posted by PostSecret on Friday, November 2, 2018

The message read:

Daycare Parent

How you treat ME is how your child is treated.

Respect [and] Appreciation go a LONG way

~ your daycare Provider

Over a thousand people commented on the post, many of whom said the person who wrote the secret needs to find a new job:

Those littles are not their parents. Find a new profession.

Oh man no….no no no no. As someone who works in education, NO. I realize Post Secret is supposed to be a judgement free zone, but this is ethically wrong on so many levels. How could you ever punish babies for the behaviour of a parent? Poor things.

Dear daycare provider: please please find a different job. All kids should be treated with love and respect. Give them what you wish to receive, break the cycle, be a safe haven for them. ~Former teacher’s aid and mom of two.

Holy sh*t no. I work for an after school program with kids in low-income communities, and I couldn’t f*cking care less how the parents treat me – each kid still deserves respect and love.

I’m disgusted by this! I worked in childcare for many years and was treated poorly by some parents and I would never take out my frustrations on their child! This is makes me sad for who ever is in this person’s care. I hope they find a new field to work in. Yes parents should treat those caring for their children with respect, but not everyone does.

Other commenters who work in childcare, or have in the past, attempted to lessen the worry of those with children in daycare by admitting they would never take their frustrations out on an innocent child.

One said, “When a parent treats me sh*tty I actually take that much extra care with their child because chances are they treat that kid sh*tty too. I call bs on this secret.”

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2 Replies to “Anonymous Daycare Provider Allegedly Makes Ominous Warning to Parents Who Don’t Treat Them With Respect”

  • Paula Winder 2 years ago

    I really don’t think this person is actually treating any the kids badly . I think perhaps this person was just frustrated over the adults issue, hoping it would get their attention. I have actually seen a situation like this play out in the past once. It was only meant to get attention . The person had no intentions & never did any harm to the kids . I think it’s a ridiculous way to deal with the problem , though. The parents SHOULD show more respect especially these kids , because they are little sponges . They will learn to do the same , they will learn by watching their parents , how they treat others , lets put this in perspective people.

  • Paula Winder 2 years ago

    I should’ve added that I think this person might be happier in a different profession . That may be true .

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