A California man was just trying to get to work Monday when a vehicle in the alley ahead of him blocked his path.

KTLA in Los Angeles reported the driver, Taylor O’Neill, honked a couple of times at the man in the truck. Annoyed, O’Neill eventually walked up to the driver’s side door after his honks were ignored.

Then, he suddenly heard a frightening sound — a woman’s muffled screams for help.

O’Neill told KTLA:

“I saw her with her face duct-taped and him on top of her choking her. That’s when I tried to open the door and banged on the window to get her out of there, get her safe, and deal with him later.”

Just minutes before, the man in the truck — later identified as Jorge Alejandro Cruz de Armas — had offered the woman a ride to a nearby Wells Fargo.

But that apparently wasn’t his plan. Once she was inside the truck, De Armas told the woman he wanted to have sex. But she refused. Then, he became livid when she refused to give him her phone number.

At that point, he allegedly snapped, drove into an alley, and then began to put duct tape on her face to quiet her screams.

Luckily, that’s when O’Neill happened to approach.

According to the Santa Ana Police Department’s press release, the woman managed to make her escape as O’Neill fought his way into the truck.

The release added the “Good Samaritan” even helped police track down the attacker. His quick thinking led him to snap a picture of the attacker’s license plate before he drove off.

De Armas was tracked down and arrested at his workplace.

Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said detectives believe the victim was put in a chokehold and may have passed out during the attempted rape; she doesn’t remember being duct-taped.

The 27-year-old De Armas could be charged with attempted rape by force or fear and suspicion of assault with intent to rape. Authorities said he has previously been arrested but not for sexual offenses, KTLA reported.

Watch O’Neill describe finding the victim below.

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