Bravo star Andy Cohen welcomed his first son, Benjamin, to the world last month. But the 50-year-old quickly learned that the internet isn’t too kind to new parents.

Cohen traveled with his newborn on a private plan just days after he was born, prompting a backlash from some social media users, Dearly reported.

The criticism started after the new dad shared a photo of himself posing with the newborn aboard the plane. One person wrote:

I don’t agree with taking a 4 day old baby on a plane. As adults our ears can barely handle it. Wrong….

Now, Cohen is firing back at the dad-shamers.

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Digging the #DadGear !!!

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Cohen stopped by “The Howard Stern Show” this week where he spoke about his first month of fatherhood and how he felt about the dad-shaming.

According to People, the father used the time to slam his critics. He explained that he made sure air travel was safe for Benjamin before taking him on a plane:

”You don’t think I checked with three f**king pediatricians before? And I flew with a baby nurse.”

Cohen said his baby nurse has been teaching him the ins-and-outs of caring for a newborn since his son arrived.

He told host Howard Stern:

“[My baby nurse is] teaching me everything. Remember, I get home from work at 12:30 … so it kind of works.”

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Mornings are my new jam #ThreeWeeksOld

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Cohen said he was unsure if welcoming his first child at 50 was a feasible idea, but later got encouragement from his friends.

The new dad explained to Stern:

“[My friends] were like, ‘Look, it’s good for the gays, you’re the top gay … this is an unconventional thing that you did, you had a baby on your own.'”

He added:

“And so I actually then was like, ‘You know what? This is a positive opportunity for me to tell my story.’”

For now, it seems Cohen isn’t going to let critics keep him from sharing his parenting story.

Watch the interview below:

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