A 23-year-old mother from Alaska has been accused of killing her two children after police learned about some of her Google searches from 2017.

According to Anchorage Daily News, Stephany E. LaFountain was a mother to two young daughters. One passed away in 2015 and the other died in 2017. Both of the children were “healthy” prior to their deaths.

Fairbanks Police Department

Police began looking further into their deaths when they realized the similarities in how the two girls died.

As Anchorage Daily News reports, on November 20, 2017, LaFountain called 911 to report that her 13-month-old daughter was no longer breathing. The mom also called her husband’s family for help; they rushed over to the home and began preforming CPR on the child.

The girl’s father was on deployment at the time and rushed home when he was put on emergency leave.

The child was eventually airlifted to Anchorage’s Providence Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead four days later.

An autopsy revealed that the 13-month-old died due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

An investigation into the 13-month-old’s death showed similarities to the death of LaFountain’s first child, who had died two years prior.

On September 15, 2015, LaFountain, whose last name was Bilecki at the time, dialed 911 to report that her four-month-old child wasn’t breathing. The baby girl passed away at a local hospital just an hour after the mom called 911.

The four-month-old’s official cause of death was labeled as “officially undetermined.” However, the autopsy stated that the symptoms were “consistent with a suffocation death.”

Authorities said the four-month-old’s death was never investigated as a homicide until her half sister’s death in 2017.

During the investigation into the 13-month-old’s death, forensics found that LaFountain had made multiple “suspicious” online searches about an hour before making the 911 call. The searches included “ways to suffocate,” “ways to kill human with no proof,” and “16 steps to kill someone and not get caught.”

On August 29, LaFountain was arrested and charged with two counts of first and second-degree murder in the deaths of her two daughters.

The mother does not have any other children. LaFountain is expected back in court on August 31. 

The Fairbanks Police Department held a press conference on August 30 regarding this case. You can watch the department’s full statement below:

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