In a new video, one of the stars of TLC’s “Little People, Big World” opened up about making decisions.

The last episode of the most recent season of “Little People, Big World” ended with Amy Roloff making a big decision about whether or not she’ll stay on the farm, or sell her half.

Ultimately, she decided to take the buyout from her ex-husband Matt Roloff after creating a “pros and cons” list of all the possible scenarios.

LIVE! Decision Making

All about Decisions. Oh what to do!

Posted by Amy Roloff on Sunday, July 14, 2019

And in a new video posted to her Facebook page on July 15, she said some of her decision was based on a conversation she had with Matt about their youngest son Jacob’s wedding to his fiancée Isabel.

She explained that when it was time to make her ultimate decision, this is what went down:

“I put down in the agreement, November 1 of 2019. And we’re talking, we dealt [with] this back in January or February, but I put November 1 0f 2019 because originally he had kind of suggested, ‘Nope. Jacob is not going to get married here.’ And I thought, ‘Jacob not married on the farm? What are we talking about?’ All three kids got married on the farm. No way!’

It doesn’t matter about what I think of Jacob and Isabell. He’s my son, she’s going to be my future daughter-in-law. I love them regardless of whatever they are doing in life choices and stuff like that. And they are great people love them to death. And they are doing fantastic.

Anyway, so that decision-making was that, that pulled me in, the guard went up. And I said for me to make sure that this happens, November 1. They are getting married this September.”

However, as Amy then explained, Matt is now on board with Jacob and Isabel being married on the farm, despite maybe not being so sure about it at first.

She continued, saying that “obviously Matt is into the wedding. He just bought Jacob a suit and Jacob looks so fantastic”:

“But I’m talking about at the time. These are certain things that I wanted to make sure in my decision-making because this is what I could at least do for Jacob. That wasn’t discussed on camera, and I wasn’t a big fan of Matt at the time. And I do want to say though, because things can get all construed differently on the internet, Matt is into the wedding. But I feel like I had some part in making that happen by putting that date for me not to move out of the farmhouse, regardless of whether I found a house or not.”

And although it was a long process leading up to Amy making her decision to ultimately leave the farm and find a new home elsewhere, it seems as though every member of the Roloff clan is doing just fine.

Tori and Audrey both have baby number two on the way, Jacob and Isabella will soon be husband and wife, and Molly is off enjoying life with her husband away from the spotlight.

As far as the future of the show and the farm, that is still being worked out.

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