Since finalizing their divorce in 2016, the stars of TLC’s “Little People, Big World” have been navigating through the world of dating. Both Matt and Amy Roloff are now in new relationships.

Matt is reportedly dating his assistant and the manager of Roloff Farms, Caryn Chandler:

Broke away for a day of relaxing at the beautiful Oregon coast. Is anybody else doing something special this spring break?Love love to you all.

Posted by Matt Roloff on Sunday, March 26, 2017

Amy has been dating a motorcycle-riding real estate broker named Chris Marek:

A lovely wonderful Valentines Day ❤ w/ this guy. Spent time at the Portland Art Museum and a wonderful dinner at Higgins…

Posted by Amy Roloff on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The newest season of “Little People, Big World” has followed Amy and Chris’s relationship quite closely, highlighting all of the ups and downs they’ve had throughout their six-month-plus journey.

During the show’s most recent episode, Amy revealed some of the insecurities she felt could prevent their relationship from growing. She explained in a confessional:

“The last time we were on a date at my house, it was a little awkward. I had thrown out some comment, ‘Wow, six months, how about the next six months?’ I think that took him a little bit by surprise.”

Amy went on to wonder whether the stares they often get from strangers because of their size difference ever bothers him.

Posted by Amy Roloff on Thursday, April 20, 2017

She said:

“Obviously he’s an average size person and I’m a little person. When we are out in public, I absolutely know people look. Has it ever bothered him and he just didn’t think it was worth while to bring up?

I just hope me being a little person isn’t an issues in regard to my relationship with Chris, because if it is, let’s talk about it, let’s get it out and then go from there.”

The 51-year-old admitted to never imagining herself being divorced and alone at this stage of her life, adding that being alone “is just too hard” for her.

And while she has Chris, she’ll always wonder if the comments said about them in public will change his perception of her. Despite having lived over 50 years as a little person, she acknowledges that she still struggles with her own insecurities:

“I’m different. I know my world. Is someone else able to handle my world? The fact still remains, I’m a little person. This is me, if you can’t handle it, I don’t know what I can do.”

However, after addressing the situation with Chris, he was able to ease some of the worries Amy was having.

Posted by Amy Roloff on Thursday, April 20, 2017

He admitted to having thoughts about their relationship when he first experienced the looks and comments, but reassured Amy that he doesn’t let it affect him much anymore:

“Those thoughts came up initially because it was very different for me, but we are well passed that now. It doesn’t bother me.”

Chris said that when he sees people “snickering or laughing” now, it just shows the other person’s ignorance, so he “really doesn’t care what they think anyway.”

His candor allowed Amy to breathe a sigh of relief.

Since the show was filmed, Amy took to Instagram to confirm she and Chris are still together:

It seems as though the two lovebirds are doing more than okay.

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