Don’t comment on Amy Roloff’s Instagram unless you have the facts to back up your claims.

Following the third to last episode of this season of “Little People, Big World,” Amy took to Instagram to clear up any misconceptions people might have regarding her life and decisions she is currently making.

During the latest episode, fans got a peek into the difficult decision she and her ex-husband Matt Roloff are currently facing—whether or not to sell the farm.

Prior to the episode, Amy shared a photo of her and her boyfriend, Chris, expressing her excitement for its premiere.

She wrote:

Tonight @tlc LPBW – Little People BIG World is on – I hope you’ll be watching. The Big decision is almost here, I know a long time in the making but I do make one in the end and the other fun challenging life going ons with Zach Tori Jackson, Matt Caryn and Chris and I. Wow! Can hardly believe just 3 episodes left in Season 14! Thank you all- you are the best!

Amy later returned to her post after the episode to clear up any misconceptions.

In one instance, a commenter wrote bluntly, “I don’t like Chris.” To which Amy replied:

hmm… but you’ve never met him

In another instance, a commenter said:

Make up your mind. You’ve always said the big house was yours. When Matt wanted it that was not an option. You can’t have it all lady.

Amy replied:

I have and you’ll see in the last episode. I don’t think Matt has or will suffer. He’ll be fine

And after one commenter wrote:

“[Caryn] has every right to speak her peace. She Matt’s gf of 3 yrs and she would like peace and move on from this kaos @amyjroloff is creating. She’s making @mattroloff suffer and it’s pure BULLSHIT. PICK A Side of the farm @amyjroloff and move on with you motorcycle Bf and let @mattroloff and @carynchandler1 enjoy there love and new home they deserve it as much as you! Let it go already!”

Amy responded with a simple, “3?” And her response had people wondering if she was suggesting that Matt had cheated on her with Caryn, who used to help manage the farm for several years.

The mom of four said the choice they decided to make will be revealed during the season finale in two weeks. It’s unclear if the show will be renewed for a 15th season.

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7 Replies to “Amy Roloff Doesn’t Hold Back on Instagram After Fans Criticize Her Relationship With Matt and His Girlfriend”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    “3” was 3 yrs supposedly Matt and Caryn have been dating, not him cheating, sheesh! I realoy hope both couples are happy. Amy, Chris is a great person, you need to be happy for Matt and Caryn too! Why do you not like to see both of them at family get togethers, but it is okay for Chris? Just asking.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Amy you need to get over yourself. You want everything to be about you. Sick!!!! Matt has a right to be happy also not just you. I get sick of your hanging over Chris all time.

    • Annee 2 years ago

      Nobody know the details so I don’t understand why the negative comments about Amy. I feel that Matt did cheat on Amy with Caryn. Therefore she may have a reason to be somewhat bitter.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    i think that what happens with the farm is no one business but matt and amy, we may have to wait but we will just have to wait and see, i want to thank amy and matt for sharing their children and lives for so many years it is a special gift, would like to wish family and others, and the crew the very best thank you

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      I agree.
      I think it’s tastelest of Caryn to sneak her snid remarks towards Amy.
      I would be bitter also.
      I hope nothing all the success and happiness for her and Chris. This is the best thing to happen for her in years of a bad marriage. I don’t see Chris beating her off when she openly shows her love and affection for him. Many couple’s who have long lasting love still openly show their love is still there for one another.That is awesome.

  • Cyndi Price 2 years ago

    Money – Caryn.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I wish you and chris all the best I don’t want your show to end I do believe matt was going with his girl friend when married to you and that was not right but I do wish you all the best love zack and his family hope you stay on the farm and we get to see gran kids grow up around farm love ya all from tena in Canada xx

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