American Idol judge and Grammy nominee Katy Perry stopped by the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night.

The multi-platinum selling recording artist said in her hilarious interview that she had a little too much to drink before her Kimmel appearance— she tried to out party Madonna at Guy Oseary’s Oscars after hours party.


Slumped in her chair, Perry told Kimmel:

“There’s a reason why the word pain is in champagne.”

The singer/songwriter dished on what fans should expect from American Idol reborn. They’ll watch the Idol judge translate internet language for grown-ups, encounter fans who sing back her songs, and they’ll also see her pranking music legend Lionel Richie after his eloquent “Ted Talks” with contestants.

As Fox News reports, during Perry’s American Idol press tour she said:

“Lionel Richie — he is a major dad. He is [a] dad/chaperone. Like Lionel will be telling some beautiful story about Prince… and we will be preparing a whoopee cushion.”

Perry said she’s so thrilled and excited about Season 16 of Idol. She opened up to People about the significance of being a judge.

The singer said she takes her Idol gig very seriously and viewers can expect her to be brutally honest with contestants. Is Perry the next Simon Cowell?

The singer told People:

“My personality is that I’m a straight shooter — almost to a fault. I just value authenticity so much that it can sometimes get me into trouble because I take this job really seriously. I don’t want to walk away from American Idol and just have a season go by and we don’t have any Kelly Clarkson because that means we’re just filling space on television. I really truly want to be able to do this exercise and make someone’s dream come true.”

Katy Perry is looking for that “dark horse” this season— someone who starts from the bottom, who Americans can grow with. She gave a word of advice to Season 16 hopefuls: work hard and be authentic, because flattery and copy cats won’t work.

The judges are looking for unique talent. And she said there’s plenty of undiscovered gems despite the fact anyone can be found on the internet. However, for die hard fans who want to sing one of Perry’s songs, it’s a bad move.

Perry warned: no Katy, no Luke, no Lionel.

Perry told Kimmel:

“It’s a bit of a lion’s den Roman colosseum trap. It’s just that, no offense, but we’ve sang it over 10,000 times, so unless you have the way to reinterpret it..We don’t need our bum-bums to be kissed. We’re really looking for authentic, incredible, instant identity talent.”

For those who doubt Season 16 can produce another star, Perry tells Americans: “A new star is born everyday.”

The highly anticipated Idol reboot kicks off March 11.

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