Retail giant Amazon is in hot water after it was discovered they were selling clothing items that had a pro-slavery slogan on them.

To make matters worse, many of the clothing items were intended for children.

According to People, the items were put up on the site by a third party seller and had phrases like “Slavery Gets S*** Done” printed on the clothing.

The company, Styleart, had a number of items for sale with the slogan, including a baby bib and children’s t-shirts.

Once Amazon users found the products, they were quick to express their outrage about them on social media, The New York Post reports.

Jakub Sobik from the Anti-Slavery International (ASI) told Reuters that the slogan was unacceptable and promoted dangerous ideals. He said:

“Children the same age as those modeling the T-shirts will be forced to work long hours for no pay in desperate conditions where starvation, beatings and sleep deprivation are common,”

Following the backlash, Amazon removed the clothing items because they violated their guidelines banning “products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views.”

Coupon Lady/Facebook

A spokesperson for Amazon told People those who break policy are subject to “potential removal of their account.” But as of Wednesday, the Styleart store on Amazon is still open.

The controversy comes not long after clothing company H&M came under fire for selling allegedly racist children’s clothing. They ultimately pulled images of children wearing jungle-themed clothing from their website.

It’s unclear if Amazon has any future plans to stop Styleart from selling products on their site.

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