Singer Alicia Keys recently shared a YouTube video showing the days leading up to her performance of her song “Raise a Man” with her oldest son at the 2019 iHeart Music Awards.

In the video, the mother of two can be seen standing by a piano with her son Egypt Dean seated in front of it. She counts as he plays the corresponding chords to the song she released almost a month prior.

She sings:

“Raise a man…two, three…If you need a man, show me your hands.”

The single “Raise a Man” voices a woman in awe of her lover and the way he was raised. In the song, she questions, “is it okay” for her to be a completely vulnerable woman with him.

She sings:

“Your love teaches me how to love
So deep, baby, it’s so sweet
Can’t wait to pass you down
To the face that resembles you and me
Is it okay that I’m not independent?
Is it okay that I
Is it okay that I show weakness?
Is it okay that I
Is it okay to can’t wait to see you?
Is it okay that I
Is it okay to love a man right now?”

The lyrics go on to describe the cycle of parents raising their sons to be men.

The YouTube video with Keys and her son goes on to highlight their quality time practicing her latest single for their big performance.

On the day of the performance, the pianist holds the camera on herself and says:

“Alright, well, today’s the day. Egy and I are performing together ‘Raise a Man,’ which the more I just think how powerful the message is of what we’re able to say on this stage today just really literally the circle of love and life. We’re bout to head there now and I guess I’m all up in my feelings and I’m just so excited about what today is going to be and what it’s going to bring and what it’s going to mean..How special it is really to share this with my first son, you know?”

Next, Keys and her producer husband, Swizz Beatz, are shown arriving at the venue in Los Angeles for the awards with their children.

In a later scene, Keys can be seen telling Egypt and his stepbrother, Kaseem Dean Jr., the meaning of her song “Raise a Man.”

She explains:

“The song today is about– is like us lifting each other up. So, like you being here supporting your brother helps to raise him up. Him being here to support me helps raise me up. When me and daddy have a chance to go on a trip with you guys together and we get to spend time together that raises us all up. So that’s what the song is about.”

Later, Egypt can be seen making his big debut on stage during the awards.

Keys, who is already on stage, introduces him by saying:

“Ladies and gentleman, I want to bring my son Egypt out here, the man I get to raise. Will you play for me Egypt?”

He takes a seat at the piano in an all-white bedazzled outfit and begins to play alongside his mother. Further, Beatz is shown watching intently from the audience while holding their youngest son, Genesis.

On stage, Keys sings:

“Every day and every night I pray for one accord
I adore you even more
And every minute that passes me by
We can’t afford for us to be ignored
Say we need each other more than we know (Oh, oh)

Somebody made a man
To show me how to raise a man (Ooh, ooh)
Raise a man”

Lastly, she encourages the audience to wave their hands and reminds them to love each other.

Keys ends the performance by saying:

“… I’m so blessed tonight to raise a man like you Egypt.”

The video ends in celebration of a successful performance. Beatz can be seen hugging, kissing and uplifting his wife and his son after their performance exemplifying the song’s message of love and support.

You can watch the full video below:

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  • Stella 2 years ago

    Alicia keys I admire you so much You and your son did a terrific presentation I Love you God bless you!

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