In an adorable tweet, Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, said he needed help styling his daughter’s natural hair, so he reached out to a Facebook group.

The Reddit co-founder revealed on Twitter to his many followers that he turned to the internet for extra help about styling afro-textured hair.

He even went as far as submitting four online applications to private Facebook groups.

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Baby feet must be tickled.

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He wrote:

Just applied to join 4 private Natural Hair facebook groups.

Ohanian then jokingly said he hopes his application doesn’t get rejected once they see his profile picture.

He continued:

I hope they don’t auto-reject my application when they see my profile photo. I told them it was to keep getting better at doing my daughter’s hair.

Fans immediately responded to the post by praising the dad for taking the extra step to seek information for the benefit of his little girl. One commenter wrote:

You are an amazing dad, and there is so much that is said in this simple gesture. This is more than hair. This is you saying I care about my little girl. Hair is typically an important thing in a girls’ life. This is you showing her you value her interests.

The 36-year-old also revealed that he turned to daddy-daughter YouTube channels for inspiration.

As reported by Dearly, Ohanian isn’t the first mom or dad who had to educate themselves on doing black hair through blogs and forums that teach adoptive families and interracial couples how to care for treat their children’s hair.

YouTube tutorials, blogs, and online communities have become a great resource for products and tools catered to natural hair care.

Even parents who are black who just want to learn more can find lots of valuable resources on sites like Afro Puffs and Ponytails, Tammi Diversified, and Styles 4 Kidz, just to name a few.

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