For Valentine’s Day this year, Team USA pair figure skaters Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim, who are husband and wife, had a bit of an unconventional date night.

Instead of doing the usual dinner and a movie, they competed at the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Before the pair performed their short dance on Wednesday night, Chris teased in the “Kiss and Cry” area that he had a surprise waiting for his wife. It was revealed that he gifted Alexa with a large stuffed teddy bear and a heart-shaped note that read:

“Will you (still) be mine?”

And of course, Alexa accepted.

But to top off the love fest that started with a passionate kiss at the end of their routine, Chris and Alexa were asked by an NBC Sports reporter what they are going to do next year in order to top this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Alexa quickly took the lead, answering:

“The only thing that would top this…is having a baby on Valentine’s Day.”

Her answer immediately grabbed her husband’s attention, who just stared at her with a smile on his face.

Alexa and Chris are the first married couple to compete in pairs figure skating at the Olympics in 20 years. And they’re currently in 14th place going into the free skate portion of the competition tonight.

According to NBC Sports, the couple called it “love at first sight.” So, who says you can’t have it all?

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