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Mom Screams ‘Boy’ After She Finds Her Young Son Using ‘Alexa’ as a Resource to do His Homework

Some of the hottest gifts for the holidays this year will be electronics, including Amazon Echos, Google Hubs, and more.

However, as one mom hilariously revealed on Twitter, devices like Amazon Echo can be a little too convenient.

The mom, Yerelyn, thought her son was doing his homework when she caught him using Alexa for a little bit of help.

Watch the video below to see how:

In the video, you can hear the young boy asking “Alexa” what “five minus three” is through their Amazon Echo, to which Alexa replied with the correct answer, “two.”

Yerelyn can then be heard correcting her child by yelling, “boy,” before the video ended. She captioned the video:

Lmfao should i whoop him now or later?

However, many of those who commented on the video, which has been viewed over eight million times so far, praised the child for his inventiveness.

Some Twitter users wrote:

reward that man for being a young genius and finesser

Nope give him his diploma cause he already graduated from the school of finesse!

einstien once said ‘why would i waste my time memorizing what is in that book when i can just read the book when i encounter an need for it’

He working smarter not harder.

Lol, i didn’t even think of this. Give him a reward.

How many children do you know have used Amazon or Google for some help with their homework?

What do you think?

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  1. I guess some people don’t think basic math is a skill to learn along with basic reading skills. I am all for incorporating technology into learning but leaning on it rather than learning the thinking process is not good at all. It simply encourages the person to not think period. (That’s called a dumb down effect)

  2. I think 🤔 it’s pretty funny. The kid is smart enough to know where help is. Not to worry he will learn math and etc. Just a neat memory.

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