Editor’s note: Dearly does not normally publish the names of minors who are involved in crimes. However, because of the severity of the crime in this case, and because the name has been released by authorities, the minor’s name has been included.

Twenty-three-year-old Jennifer Raven Nevin had her fair share of struggles.

She turned her can'ts into cansAnd her dreams into plans

Posted by Jennifer Nevin on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

According to AL.com, the Tuscaloosa mom had dealt with mental illness since she was a preteen. Her brother, Will Nevin, told the local publication that she started showing signs of emotional distress in her earlier years and, as she got older, turned to self-medication for some sort of relief.

Her brother added:

“On her good days, she was beautiful and creative. She had a thousand questions about everything. She was smart. But she had her not good days…”

Illness couldn’t stop Nevin from living her life fully. The young mom was able to raise a son while running a residential cleaning service from home.

Posted by Jennifer Nevin on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

But her promising life came to a drastic halt when Nevin suddenly went missing last Friday after her mother picked up Nevin’s 5-year-old son, according to the Tuscaloosa News.

Three days went by, and there was no word from Nevin, who disappeared without a trace.

Unfortunately, her family’s greatest fear became reality midday Monday when a worker was checking a well on a dirt road.

An unnamed worker was inspecting a gas well head when he came upon Nevin’s dead body on the side of the road about 20 miles from her Tuscaloosa County home, AL.com reported.

Posted by Jennifer Nevin on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Local news affiliate WIAT confirmed that three suspects have been taken into custody for her murder, though authorities have not released information about a motive or specific cause of death.

According to Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit Commander Gary Hood, 23-year-old Koran Rashad Lewis, 16-year-old Kendrick Ky’Andre Marshall, and 20-year-old Vida Milagros Confetti were arrested Tuesday and charged with murder.

Tuscaloosa County Jail

Will told WIAT that a majority of the blame falls on society, which failed to take care of those with “invisible problems” like substance abuse and mental illness:

“There are a lot of things to blame for her death. And a lot of people to blame, as a society we don’t take care of people who need it most. We don’t take care of people with invisible problems, invisible problems like substance abuse and mental health problems.”

But he insists that whatever the true cause of death, his sister is not to blame. He told AL.com:

“I want people to know that what happened to her wasn’t her fault. She had so much to give to society and to people. It’s just a shame she’s not going to have that chance. It’s a shame that her son is not going to see her again.”


Posted by Jennifer Nevin on Sunday, October 9, 2016

Robbed of the chance to start anew, Jennifer Raven Nevin is survived by her 5-year-old son.

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