For the staff at The Foundry Salon, it was a glimpse of what true love can be.

As Babble reports, Theresa and Andrew have been married for 45 years. The couple from San Antonio, Texas has seen their three children grow up and have children of their own, and they remain deeply committed to each other.

About 18 years ago, Theresa suffered a stroke that has left her dependent on others. Her husband, who used to work as a salesman, only leaves her for a few hours each day to drive a school bus. As their son, Steve, told Babble:

“Ever since my mom’s stroke, she’s always wanted him by her side.”

For Mother’s Day, Theresa’s children bought her a gift certificate for The Foundry Salon, a family favorite. Steve told Babble:

“Most of the family goes to the Foundry and my mom wanted some volume in her hair.”

After her day of pampering, Theresa was so happy with her new look that her husband decided to go back and buy the products the stylist used. His hope was that they’d be able to recreate Theresa’s look at home. 

However, when one of the Foundry stylists learned why Andrew was purchasing so many hair products, she stopped him, telling him that instead of buying products, she could teach him to do his wife’s hair.

Theresa’s stroke had left her unable to do her own hair without aid, so Andrew jumped at the chance to learn. Raigen Kelley, one of the Foundry’s stylists, posted a video of Andrew’s impromptu lesson on Facebook and wrote:

Proof that true love really exists … she can no longer style her hair herself and her husband insisted on learning how to do it for her step by step.

And it wasn’t an easy lesson. The stylist took Andrew through all the steps necessary to make his wife feel beautiful. Kelley wrote that the staff at the salon was overwhelmed by this simple display of love:

From products, to the way you hold the brush and dryer … truly one of the best things I have been able to witness in my life. Brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing man and what a lucky woman.

The video has since gone viral, amassing millions of Facebook views. However, Andrew wants people to credit the salon staff for their act of kindness and generosity. His son told Babble:

“My dad said, ‘Don’t make this about us. It’s not about us — it’s about the Foundry folks helping us out.'”

What’s more, it appears that the styling lesson worked. Son Steve told Babble that “they came over last night and it looked pretty good.”

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