Talk show host Wendy Williams hosted a fundraising event in a New York candy shop to continue her fight against opioid addiction.

Williams began her mission with her husband, Kevin Hunter, in 2014 when the two came together and formed The Hunter Foundation.

The foundation is “dedicated to forming and funding strong alliances with public and private organizations that interrupt the harmful cycle of drug addiction through the medium of prevention, treatment and recovery programs that improve the lives of youths and families struggling with substance abuse.”

Her passion for the cause intensified when her son was offered K2, a synthetic form of marijuana, shortly after.

As Bold TV reports, Williams said that during the time her foundation was created, “people were falling out on K2 and nobody knew what it was. Now, it’s all over the country.”

She noted how easily accessible opioids are, especially for children. She also pointed out how opioid addiction is often treated with more medicine, making it more likely for addicts to relapse.

Williams raised money during the event by teaming up with Cookie Pop to sell sweet treats.

She said:

“One hundred percent of the proceeds go to The Hunter Foundation for the purpose of finding a cure for K2, opioids, and whatever the mess people are on. Because it ain’t right out here in these streets. It ain’t.”

The Centers For Disease Control recently reported that there were 70,237 drug overdose deaths in the United States in 2017 alone.

Dr. Oz was among other familiar faces that attended the event.

According to Bold TV, the surgeon and talk show host said:

“I’ve been on the streets of NYC but also around the country, and you see there is hope out there. You don’t want to stifle it; you want to get behind it the way The Hunter Foundation does.”

As Bold TV reports, President Donald Trump signed a bipartisan opioid bill on October 24. The bill’s focus is on researching new pain management drugs without an addiction probability and providing more access to the treatment of abuse in Medicaid patients.

Williams says she hopes she and her husband can open facilities with “qualified counselors” to help those with opioid addiction.

Those who want to support the cause can visit Cookie Pop’s website and purchase treats from now until January 7.

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  • connie frist 7 months ago

    We don’t have an ‘opioid crisis’ we have a fentenyl crisis. 90% of overdoses and addictions are directly linked to this compound. The major source (at least in the northeast coast) is Illegal Alien Dominican drug dealers. Judges here go out of their way not to charge them, to help them avoid deportation.
    We had a recent incident in Newton District Court where the Judge and the Lawyers for both sides helped am illegal alien (three times deported) Dominican drug dealer escape from the court house to avoid ICE (who was in the courtroom). This is after a drunk driving charge dismissal and a postponement of the (reduced) drug charges. What kind of treason is this.
    We have criminal judges, politicians and a mafia media conspiring to thwart the laws of this country.
    We don’t need more laws, we need to enforce the laws we already have.

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After Wendy Williams’ Son Was Offered the Drug ‘K2,’ She Knew She Had to Stop the Opioid Crisis

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