On June 30, 1989, a young mother named Barbara Elizabeth Miller disappeared. For the last 28 years, Miller’s disappearance has remained a mystery.

According to Pittsburgh Action News 4, at the time she went missing, Miller was dating former police officer, Joseph Walter “Mike” Egan. He has been a lead suspect in the case throughout the investigation.

Pittsburgh News Action 4

According to an affidavit, during the months leading up to Miller’s disappearance, the then-30-year-old mom made multiple complaints to the police regarding Egan. Days before she went missing, she told her friends that she feared for her life.

Five days after she went missing, Egan reported her disappearance to the police. He then moved into her home.

According to initial reports, following her disappearance, Miller’s then-teenage son, Eddie Miller Jr., told police that his mom and Egan had a fight the last night anyone saw her alive.

He alleged the fight was over his mom wanting to attend a friend’s wedding without Egan. The morning after the fight, Miller Jr. saw Egan driving his mother’s car and noticed that the tires “were covered with yellow clay that he thought was related to concrete work.”

Pittsburgh News Action 4

Egan has consistently denied being involved in Miller’s disappearance, calling the claims “way off base.” But several people have come forward to reveal that the now-69-year-old would often make cryptic statements about going to “see his old lady,” while driving past his sister’s house in Milton, Pennsylvania.

It’s believed that Egan’s sister, Cathy Reitenbach, was one of the last people to see Miller alive. Reitenback passed away in January.

Police now believe that a concrete slab found in Egan’s sister’s former home may contain traces of Miller’s body, which they think may have been fed through a wood chipper.

As Pittsburgh Action News 4 reported:

[Sunbury Police Chief Tim Miller] found a 2009 report in department files that Barbara Miller’s remains were in the Milton home, but apparently the tip was not pursued. He also located a 2004 report “that Egan put a body inside the wall of a home,” and three people who have said Egan would “get high on cocaine and drive by a home in Milton to ‘check on his old lady.'”

After getting the okay to search the basement from the home’s current residents, authorities removed a three-ton slab on concrete that police chief Miller described as “very peculiar.”

Pittsburgh News Action 4

The slab of concrete contains wood chips, and cadaver dogs were alerted by something inside the basement. According to Daily Item reporter Francis Scarcella:

“This is most action this case has ever seen, and you can’t ask for more than that. There’s no miracle, but we’ve got the attention of people now.”

A forensic pathologist is currently “dissecting the walls, so to speak, piece by piece, hammer-and-chisel type, looking for the smallest of clues.”

Whether the slab contains traces of Miller’s body has not yet been confirmed.

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