Danielle Lloyd is a mother to four boys.


The 34-year-old British glamour model has joked about being “overrun” by boys in the family, once telling the hosts of British talk show “Loose Women” when pregnant with her fourth child her sons had already picked out the names “Cupcake” and “Rose” in hopes the baby would be a girl, according to GoodtoKnow.


In an interview with OK! magazine, Lloyd said at the time:

“My three boys really want a baby sister.”

In a post on Instagram, Lloyd shared the aftermath when her three boys learned they were going to have a baby brother earlier this year:


Lloyd captioned the video of her distraught children, “Need I say more?? Gender selection is a family decision ????,” a statement confirming her decision to undergo gender selection for her fifth child when the time came.


Though Lloyd gave birth to her fourth child in late summer 2017, she has already announced plans to expand her brood, this time making sure not to disappoint as she intends to pick the gender of the baby.

As GoodtoKnow reported, Lloyd announced the news to undergo gender selection for her fifth pregnancy:

I’m not sure why anyone would deny us this. I’ve always wanted a girl, I totally appreciate the fact that some women aren’t lucky enough to have children and might think I’m selfish.

Michael and I will go abroad for gender selection, I don’t doubt that many celebrities do it, but not many people say it.

According to Gender-Baby, six nations have banned the use of gender-selection technologies for nonmedical reasons: Australia, Canada, China, India and the United Kingdom. Gender selection is legal in the U.S., Mexico, Thailand, and other countries. The practice of traveling to another country for gender selection technology and in vitro fertilization treatments is called “reproductive tourism,” according to the fertility website.


As gender selection in banned in the U.K., Lloyd announced her plans to travel outside of the country to pursue the procedure, a decision that has divided her fans.

Many followers stated openly they support Lloyd’s decision, claiming they, too, would make the same choice for their pregnancies if they had the money, while others cautioned Lloyd to count her blessings for having healthy children at all.

As one commenter wrote: “I just thought I would point out to you that I was pregnant the same time as you and the same stage as you when you had Ronnie. I lost that baby. You were so very blessed that you got to keep your little BOY.”


“Has (sic) long has there all healthy it doesn’t matter on the gender ❤️,” another said.

One mom shared this perspective: “Totally blessed with my boys — kids dont always get what they want 😉 #mumtoboys #boysrule.”

And one added, in part: “I [know] you’ve been getting stuck for the gender thing … For a family like yours, who would love a little girl, why not? Theirs families out there who have as many children as they can until they get what they wanted at the start. If a gender pick was available, maybe their wouldn’t be so many unprivileged big families out there. I’ve got so many families like this where I live and it’s not far (sic) on the children.”


“Wow, how wanted your newest son will feel if he ever sees this,” posted one follower, “to judge and stereotype a child by a gender is wrong, each child is unique and different regardless of its genitals and the ability to dress it up in pretty pink frills!”

Another said: “Each to their own BUT If I was in your position I would donate the money I had for gender selection to an infertility charity and try natural conception for your girl … every baby is a gift regardless of gender! Maybe your path is to be a mother of boys! What’s for you won’t go past you! X”

And as this commenter succinctly pointed out: “No one give a s**t when john legend and his mrs did it.”

Given that Lloyd’s children are most likely on board with her decision to give them a baby sister, only time and an update to fans will tell if Lloyd follows through on her plans.

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