Aubrey Delinzer wanted to know why a bully was picking on his son. He didn’t expect to spend the day with him.

As KHOU News reports, Aubrey learned that his young son, Jordan, was being bullied and decided to confront Tamarion, the boy who was bullying him.

Aubrey explained to the Houston Chronicle that the bullying had been going on for some time: “I asked my son about it and he told me the boy was messing with him and was too rough.”

At first, Aubrey tried to address the bullying issue through Jordan’s school, but it didn’t stop. That’s when the dad began thinking about talking to the bully himself.

Frank Somerville shared the dad’s story on Facebook. Aubrey explained his initial goal was to learn more about Tamarion:

I decided to spend some time with my sons school bully yesterday … just to dig a little deeper on “why?”

Aubrey reached out to Tamarion’s parents to make sure it was okay that he spent time with their son. That’s when he learned that the bully was also being picked on by kids at school.

The dad told KHOU he was incredulous at first when he heard Tamarion complain that he was being bullied: “I’m like, ‘By who? You’re big. You’re huge. Who’s picking on you?”

Tamarion told Aubrey that the other children were making fun of him for the way he dressed. As Aubrey explained to the Chronicle: “They said his shoes were cheap and his clothes were dirty.”

Aubrey continued to talk to Tamarion, trying to find out more about why he was being bullied too and learned that Tamarion’s family was going through a tough time financially and had become homeless.

The dad decided he could help both his own son and Tamarion by reaching out to help another person in need. He wrote:

We have no clue what these children are going thru these days because a lot of us just don’t care. And this is not a uncommon story for a lot of people. So I spent a lot of my day yesterday by shopping and teaching this young man about self-respect. Integrity. Morals. Confidence.

Aubrey told the Chronicle that during their day together, he explained to Tamarion that he wasn’t defined by the situation he’s in. He added, “I also told him that no matter what’s going on, you have to walk around with your head up and chest up. This world is tough. You can’t let what people say or do bring your self-confidence down.”

By the end of the day, the rift between the two boys had been healed enough that they could happily play video games together. Aubrey also started a GoFundMe campaign to benefit Tamarion’s family.

In addition to helping Tamarion and stopping the bullying, Aubrey was able to teach his son something in the process. As he told the Chronicle, “I told my son that if you put good things out in the world, good things will come back to you.”

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