When dad Kevin Dandridge asked for custody of his 5-month-old daughter, he never anticipated that the mother would retaliate with such a “vindictive act.”

According to 11Alive, mom Laquanda Mosley, 27, responded to the custody request by posting several disturbing videos to Facebook on Tuesday that have since led to her arrest.

The videos, which Atlanta police have asked the public not to circulate, show the mother holding the 5-month-old underwater repeatedly, as she struggles helplessly in a plastic tub.

Mosley posted the videos and sent Dandridge a messages reading:

This baby about to die on god. Send me my money now or she bout die on live.

The videos were allegedly filmed at her home in Giffin, Georgia.

One shows the mom pushing on the baby’s chest until the water goes over her face. The other shows her lifting the baby’s legs up to dunk her into the water.

A friend of Mosley’s saw the video and told police where she could be located, according to WSB-TV.

Authorities found her home with the infant and her two other children. The 5-month-old was taken to the hospital.

Dandridge said the mom was also angry about child support funds in addition to him asking for custody, but he was disturbed by her actions. He told WSB-TV:

“I guess she just went off the deep end. I don’t understand.”

Griffin Police Department

Mosley was arrested and charged with intent to murder, first-degree child cruelty, and terroristic threats. She was denied bond at a recent hearing.

The mother admitted that she made the videos because she was upset that the father wanted custody of the 5-month-old.

Thankfully, the baby girl is doing okay.

Mosley’s other two children, ages five and seven, are now in protective custody, along with the infant.

Watch the video below:

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