A 49-year-old mom, who goes by furiousmom998 on Reddit, reached out via the social media site in desperate need of advice. She described how taken aback she was when her 25-year-old son began accusing her of ruining his life for not having enough sex with her 54-year-old husband.

She described how her son has been dealing with depression and has decided that it’s his parents’ fault.

Originally, her son complained that his depression stemmed from being forced by his father to play sports, such as football, and compete in other extracurricular activities. Additionally, her son believed that his parents set extremely high standards for him and that this, too, contributed to his depression.

Most recently, her son devised a new argument. This time, the 25-year-old said that his depression is all mom’s fault.

He told his mother that she did not put out enough in her 26-year marriage because her husband was not attractive enough for her. This caused her husband to let out his frustration on him by forcing him to play football.

She wrote:

Now, a few weeks ago, he came up with this new theory that the only reason my husband forced him to do football and go to competitions is because I did not have sex with him because my husband was not hot and this somehow provoked repressed frustration in my husband which caused him to terrorize the son to make my husband feel more masculine.

She wrote that her husband one time drank too much and may have admitted the lack of intimacy between them to her son. She was completely dumbfounded and at a loss that her son would accuse her of something like this.

She wrote:

He says I emasculated him by refusing sex. I think my husband mentioned to him the lack of sex between us when he was drunk once. I am in shock. I have absolutely nothing to say to anyone now because of the shock that I have been living in for the past weeks. Did anybody have a similar situation? I really do not know what to do or say now.

After other Reddit users weighed in on what they thought furiousmom998 should do, she added an edit to her post, explaining that her son does not have any cognitive or development issues as others suggested in the comments. She wrote that he is, in fact, a bright student who was very successful in school.

She explained:

Some people here said that maybe my son has cognitive development issues. This is however NOT THE CASE. In fact he is extremely intelligent. He finished the university that is considered the most difficult and the best in our country and he was a valedictorian. Many professors made clear to him and to us that he is extremely intelligent.

Furiousmom998 wrote the post to gain some perspective on her son’s actions. It is clear that she feels exceedingly helpless and is desperate to find out how to handle this situation. It is an unusual accusation, and she had never been through anything like this before.

What would you do?

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