Model Behati Prinsloo posted a photograph of her husband, singer Adam Levine, and their 1-year-old daughter, Dusty Rose, on Instagram.

The picture showed both Levine and Dusty Rose in the nude holding hands with peach emojis censoring their backsides:


Prinsloo coupled the photo with an equally cheeky caption:

Same butt different.

Initially, the reaction to the photo was innocent, with hundreds of people commenting on how adorable the photograph was:

Absolutely adorable, [you] sweet man.



Hahaha.. So cute!!!

However, the photo quickly turned controversial when other followers began pointing out all that was wrong with the picture.

Some suggested that the photo was incredibly inappropriate:

This is not right he is but naked in front of his daughter #alittleweird

Family is not a defense for anything inappropriate. That’s right she’s a little girl. He’s a grown man. Putting on swim trunks or underpants isn’t going to hurt him. It’s not cute to many people and I don’t have to get over it neither does anyone else who feels the same way…

Being family does not make everything ok and doesn’t give people free license to do whatever they want. That’s a ridiculous notion. That aside, no little girl needs to see her father completely naked. People like me don’t make it weird, people like Adam need to think. He has “exposed” himself for us to judge by posting it here in the first place.

Very unnecessary all this exposure! Preserve your kids, your family!!!!

Yeah, even though I know he’s not pervy, I think it’s a little weird he’s completely naked going into the tub with his little girl. I would not have posted this and he should put on some undies on the tub.

Others thought it was downright “nasty”:

You should not be hanging out naked in front of your kid. Nasty.

This is strange and low key disturbing.

Parent of the year award goes to this stupid moron who walks around with his child butt naked, penis hanging out and exposing his child…. horrible parents.

Although many agreed with those who thought the photo was a bit tasteless, some followers did flock to Prinsloo and Levine’s defense. A few even said they have similar pictures of their own spouse and child:

So many people see such a negative thing, but I clearly see a bond of love between an amazing father and his daughter. I am sure some amazing moments of laughter and playing occurred after this picture and that’s all that matters. Love this pic… and not because it’s Adam’s naked behind, but because of what it stands for. Can’t wait to see him with both of his girls ♡ Behati, you are truly blessed!

I have the same picture of my husband and son (without the peaches).

I change in front of my one-year-old son and take baths with him. When she is old enough to notice there is some different, then it is not acceptable.

What do you think? As parents, did Prinsloo and Levine take it too far with this photo?

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