Over the last five days, Hurricane Harvey has devastated the people of Texas, leaving many of them possessionless and homeless.

The storm has already unloaded over 51 inches of rain over Houston, the largest city in Texas, and there is no end in sight. John Nielsen-Gammon, a Texas state climatologist and professor at Texas A&M University, told the L.A. Times that Harvey is a record-breaking storm:

“It’s the heaviest storm on record anywhere in the U.S. outside Hawaii, and it’s still raining.”

Of the tens of thousands of Texas residents displaced by Harvey, one of them is someone who makes a regular appearance on TLC’s “OutDaughtered.”

Danielle Busby’s mom, whom they call MiMi, lost everything as a result of the storm.

Danielle’s husband, Adam, posted an update to his Instagram just a few days after the massive flooding began:

As most of you are aware, our community is suffering from Harvey, and we still have a few days of rain to come.
Though us Busby’s are just fine, safe and dry, there are so many of our friends that have lost everything…including my Mom. MiMi house has flooded bad and we still haven’t been able to get in there.

Eventually, the Busby clan was able to get to MiMi’s home.

As the family made their way to Mimi’s to see if anything could be salvaged, Adam posted this photo on his Instagram, pointing out that the only way they could get from their house to MiMi’s was by canoe:

Busby admitted during an Instagram live stream Monday night that MiMi’s house was, unfortunately, “a total loss.”

That photo was taken less than a mile from the Busby’s home, but fortunately, their house has not sustained any flooding.

The Busbys are donating what they can to help other people within their community who weren’t so lucky.

In a video posted on TLC.com, both Adam and his wife, Danielle, asked their fans to follow suit:

And although the Busby’s six daughters are getting somewhat restless from being cooped up inside for the last five days, Adams said they are just happy to be dry and safe.

But the girls do have a message for Harvey:

Yeah, go away, Harvey.

You can watch a longer video of the Busbys talking about the flooding below:

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