Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek doesn’t hide her gray hairs. She prefers to show them off.

As Insider reports, the 52-year-old actress and Oscar nominee recently took to Instagram to sing the praises of her silvery strands.

In the post, Hayek wrote that she’s “#proud of my white hair.” And it’s not the first time she’s talked about her refusal to dye away her grays.

In an interview with the New York Times, Hayek revealed that she thinks life’s too short to spend it dying your hair:

“It’s my natural color, and it’s my natural white hairs. One of the reasons I don’t dye my hair is because I don’t have the patience to sit through it. I don’t want to spend what’s left of my youth pretending I’m younger and then not enjoying life.”

She added that she only gets her hair cut for work and only when the stylist begs her to:

“I get my hair cut wherever I’m working or doing publicity, and the hairdresser asks me, ‘Please, please, can I cut your hair?’ It’s the same with my eyebrows. They grow and grow until a makeup artist looks at me and begs to do something to them because they’re so much.

And her solution to a bad hair day will be familiar to anyone with unmanageable hair. She told the Times, “If my hair is really embarrassingly crazy, I put it in a ponytail.”

Hayek’s statement about loving her grays is a bold one in a culture that doesn’t always feel the same.

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Mom blogger Julie Burton can attest to that fact. After Burton decided to let her grays grow out, she faced a surprising amount of resistance from her husband. Though Burton loved her silver hair, she told Dearly, “My husband doesn’t like it. He asks me to spray it down with dye before we go on dates. He reminds me we don’t know any woman with gray hair at 37.”

So when Hayek celebrated her gray hair on Instagram, many commenters weighed in to compliment her on her “natural beauty.” Several celebrities praised Hayek as well, including rock star Lenny Kravitz, who told Hayek, “You are stunning.”

The combination of Hayek’s confidence in her gray hair and the compliments she received had an effect on women struggling with the fact that gray hair isn’t always seen as attractive. One woman wrote:

I have the same, but at 32. However seeing you with the exact same looking hair as I gives me confidence. You, my lady, are a stunning icon. I am proud to have random white hairs like you!
Another stated, “I’m starting to grow some. I’m trying so hard to let it grow but am also struggling with the idea of having it already. Thank you for this. It helps me feel a little more okay with it.”
And one woman simply wrote, “Thank you for posting this — it makes normal women feel o.k. — if you, as gorgeous as you are can have it — then we can too.”

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4 Replies to “Actress Salma Hayek Refuses to Spend Time Dying Her Gray Hairs. In Fact, She Says She’s ‘Proud’ of Them”

  • Aric 2 years ago

    Hopefully we are becoming more accepting of ourselves as who we are and not whom we are expected to be.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I just turned 53 two days ago and like, Hayek, I wish I were as brave. She is also very beautiful which helps people look past the gray in her hair. Me, not so much, so it will just make me look that much more older…. ugh! 🙁

    • Lucy 2 years ago

      Don’t compare yourself to a perfectly made up actress. Physical beauty is great, but comparing yourself to other people makes you see inadequacies that aren’t really there. It sucks to feel uncomfortable around people you think are much prettier than you, but in reality, the ones with perfecly made-up faces and dyed hair are the most insecure, because they feel hideous without it (this is just in my limited experience, but I’ve seen it quite a bit).

  • Norma 2 years ago

    Some people asked me “why do you want to look older and why not color to look younger?” I simply said, “that’s my natural color, it’s how God made me. I am getting older, not old but older. I am 55, happily married to my 68 year old husband who has been gray for years. I am so glad I let my hair go gray. It’s soft, gray and makes me feel beautiful. I also love when my husband still says to me, “you’re so beautiful.”

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