Actress Lili Reinhart, best known for her role in the popular drama “Riverdale,” is issuing a warning to her fans in order to keep them safe.

Late Sunday night, Reinhart took to Twitter to share her unnerving story regarding rideshares like Uber.

Reinhart began by writing:

PSA: I was just ushered to a car by someone posing to be an airport cab/Uber driver. I got to his car and there were absolutely no signs that he was a professional service driver. So I did NOT get into the car. Please pay attention and make smart decisions out there.

The 24-year-old later added how important it is to be careful out there, especially while using apps like Uber and Lyft.

She wrote:

Seriously… please be careful out there. You don’t have to be nice or worry about being rude. Trust your gut. It could save you.

As Dearly previously reported, the spotlight was recently put on rideshare safety after young college student, Samantha Josephson, was killed when police say she mistook a stranger’s car for the Uber she ordered after a night out.

And just a few days after Josephson’s death, another woman shared her own warning after the Uber driver who dropped her off at a nearby airport returned back to her home and attempted to break in.

As Dearly reported, authorities encourage ride-share users to be mindful of using rideshare services, asking that people “double-check” the cars “make, model, license plate, and color” to ensure that it matches with the information on the app.

In the wake of Josephson’s passing, an organization called “What’s My Name” has since been born in her honor.

The point of the organization, which was created by Josephson’s parents, is to “educate the world on rideshare safety and the simple precautions one can take to ensure no other family has to suffer this unspeakable tragedy.”

“What My Name” uses the acronym “SAMI” to preach safety. SAMI stands for “stop, ask, match, inform”:

  • Plan ahead. Before you request a ride, think about where you’re headed and review the safety features in the app so you know how to use them.
  • Ask your driver “what’s my name” to confirm they have booked a trip with you through the ridesharing app.
  • Match the make, model, and license plate of the car with the one displayed in the app.
  • Share the details of your trip with a friend. Utilize the “share status” function in your ridesharing app.

Thousands of people shared Reinhart’s warning and let the actress know that they are glad she was able to stay safe.

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