Actor Kevin Zegers is best known for starring in movies like “Air Bud” and shows like “Gossip Girl.”

Now, in his 30s, Zegers is a husband and father of two. He’s also a recovering alcoholic.

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Most recently, Zegers revealed how he and his wife explained his addiction to their two young daughters, 3-year-old twins Zoe and Blake.

And he does so honestly:

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Learning ‘em young.

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In the video, Zoe and Blake are seen introducing themselves by name and exclaiming that their father is an “alcoholic” who is at an “alcohol anonymous meeting.”

They are then asked, “Isn’t that cool?” To which they responded with big smiles and a “yeah!”

Unfortunately, some labeled the video and the way the Zegers discuss alcoholism with their children as inappropriate:

Not sure what this is supposed to mean, teach kids what … that it’s okay/funny to be an alcoholic … I am just confused with this message, I get letting your kids know things when they are young but maybe they are a wee bit too young to understand that this is something not to be positive about, yes, that he’s going to meetings, that’s good, but as a whole it’s not a subject for kids to think is okay.

And as a result, both Kevin and his wife issued an explanation of their decision to be extremely honest with their girls about their father’s battle with alcoholism.

He wrote:

Some people seem to have taken issues with my previous post. Let me clarify. Being in recovery is a part of my life. Being an ‘alcoholic’ doesn’t mean that I drink. Quite the contrary. When I’m not home for bedtime, my girls often insist on knowing where I am. Instead of lying to them, or projecting an archaic stigma, we choose to tell them the truth. ‘Daddy’s at a meeting’. Our hope is that we teach our girls some empathy and understanding about addiction. That in spite of being an alcoholic they have a father who has chosen a healthy way to live his life. For 8 years, I’ve chosen to live a clean and sober life that involved much more than just not drinking. I choose to share this because too many people, like some commenting below, want to shame people with addiction and mental health issues back into the shadows. My choice is to crack the window open so others can see what’s possible on the other side.

And many more people praised Zegers for his bravery, even thanking him for teaching his kids such a harsh life lesson at such a young age.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 15.1 million adults age 18 and older have struggled with Alcohol Use Disorder and only 6.7 percent of those adults sought treatment.

As one commenter wrote, “Honesty builds trust and respect.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, please call the national hotline for help at 1-800-662-4357.

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    You are to be commended both for your recovery and also for making the point to let your children

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Actor Says He Wants His Daughters to Know He Goes to AA Meetings Because It Means He’s Getting Better

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