Ben Sowards has 11 children.

His oldest daughter, Lucinda, told Independent Journal Review that he has always taught them that “as a family, [they] are all on the same team.”

So when Ben got a call from his younger daughter Valerie’s school to let him know that she had an accident and was crying from embarrassment, his heart broke for his little girl.

According to Lucinda, Ben is no stranger to making sweet gestures toward his children. In fact, she tells IJR that he has been doing it her whole life.

So when Lucinda saw her father walking out of the house to pick up Valerie with “wet” pants, it didn’t surprise her one bit:

“This is definitely the first time he has ever fake ‘wet’ his pants, but…”

Lucinda told ABC 10 that when the accident happened, Valerie wrapped her sweatshirt around her waist and walked down to the office so that she could call her dad.

The kindergartener was “in awe” when her dad showed up at school. Lucinda elaborated:

“She just looked at him … just in awe. He pretended like they were sneaking out of the school together, like they were both getting away with something.”

Seventeen-year-old Lucinda tweeted about the experience, and the internet went crazy.

Although surprised by the fact that Lucinda’s tweet has been retweeted over 62,000 times, Ben told IJR that he hopes all the attention will show how important family is when “meeting life’s challenges.”


He also hopes his gesture shows how important it is to be able to laugh at life:

“Families need to learn to laugh at life together because it helps us to maintain perspective.

As a parent and foster parent, my wife and I know that there are serious issues and then there is having an accident at kindergarten. Our children know that if we can handle the little things together that we will be able to come together for the big things.”

As for Lucinda, this is just another selfless act her parents performed in order to show that they will be there for all 11 of their children, no matter what.

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