It’s been a month since “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller surrendered herself to federal prison.

Her prison sentence of a year and one day stems from a number of fraud charges after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010. Two years later, she was charged with hiding over $775,000 from her creditors.

She pleaded guilty to the “mistakes” in 2016, saying her quick rise to fame was partly at fault.

Obviously, Miller wouldn’t be able to continue filming the hit Lifetime show from federal prison, but she did make the best of her remaining days on set.

According to the Daily Mail, the dancers’ mothers were infuriated with Miller’s behavior surrounding their last dance competition before the 50-year-old left for prison.

Per the Daily Mail, the mothers felt that Miller was prioritizing her boyfriend, Jordan “Jordy” Rodriguez — who is reportedly half Miller’s age — over the girls, even vacationing with him in Europe rather than stay and rehearse.


And when Miller did focus on the girls’ dancing, she decided to feature her boyfriend’s song, which was about being a vegan, as music for the piece.


One of the mothers, Holly, said:

“I’m kind of annoyed at Abby right now because clearly her focus is on her boyfriend and promoting his new song and it is not about her providing the best possible dance routine for our girls at competition.”

She continued, saying her behavior “is just one final insult before Abby goes on to jail.”

Although Holly referred to the young man as Miller’s “boyfriend,” Radar Online reported that the young girls called him Miller’s “boy toy.”


Although Miller’s prison sentence has been a very emotional journey for the infamous choreographer, it’s clear that some people, especially her students’ mothers, won’t miss her.

To catch a full clip of the episode, check out the video above.

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