For more than 73 years, Callie Terrell has been making customers feel beautiful.

The 99-year-old beautician has been a practicing cosmetologist since before the Vietnam War, and as she told ABC 11, she doesn’t plan on stopping until her 100th birthday on November 26.

She was initially issued her license to practice cosmetology on January 30, 1945, according to the state of Tennessee.

At one point in her life, Terrell owned her own shop. Now she just rents out a booth at a salon, so that she can continue to “satisfy” a few of her most loyal customers — which includes her daughter Inez.

Tarrell told ABC 11 that doing hair has been a passion of her’s ever since she was a little girl:

“I work because this is what I’ve enjoyed doing all my life. From a little girl I always loved messing with my sisters’ hair. They had beautiful hair. And I always enjoyed doing this”

Because Terrell has lost a lot of people over the years, she continues to do cosmetology not only because she loves it but also to keep her busy:

“People my age, that I used to buddy buddy with I don’t have a single one. I was in a bridge club, and I’m the only one that’s still living.”

Terrell described herself as a people person, and even after all of these years she still gets excited to talk with her customers:

“I’m not used to just being up in the house. You see I worked so long, I’ve just been around people and doing something exciting. Most old people, they’re so dry and droll. I can’t deal with that. I gotta live and do the things that make me happy.”

Even though she plans to retire soon, Terrell still plans on keeping busy with family and friends:

“I just be waiting on somebody to call and say, ‘Callie, you busy?’ … “They say we’re doing so and so, so I jump in the car and go. I just want to do something.”

The 99-year-old hair stylist’s dedication and love for her craft are inspiring.

Watch Terrell in her element below:

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99-Year-Old Beautician Has Yet to Retire After Doing Hair for 73 Years. She Turns 100 in November.

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