A California mom was outraged when police handcuffed her 8-year-old with disabilities after he strayed off campus.

KTRK reports, Meagan Ramey said:

“I don’t understand how a little boy can be in handcuffs.”

The mother explained that her son suffers from a mental disability. Apparently, on Thursday, he was detained by police “screaming, kicking, and crying” when he walked off the campus of Chapman Elementary School reports KRCR.

However, according to his mom, due to his anti-social disorder, the school has a special protocol to help him cope with social anxiety. Administrators are supposed to follow the boy when he wanders off.


Ramsey said she doesn’t blame the school but believes a Butte County Sheriff’s Deputy was too aggressive with her son. She said:

“Hands behind his back, his pants were past his bottom, shoes were thrown off.

He was screaming kicking and crying because he has asthma as well.”

She added:

“I was torn up. It broke my heart. I started crying, and I’m going to start crying again.

He’ll start walking off campus, the principal, we’ve talked about it several times.”

The incident was captured on video.

Watch the video that raised concerns below:

According to KPIX his mom plans to file a complaint, but the sheriff’s office said the deputy detained the 8-year-old because he was concerned for his safety.

The Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea told KRCR:

“When they saw a young man dart across 20th street and when he got to the other side of the road, they noted that he appeared to be confused and anxious and that caused them concern.”

He added:

“As they were following him they became more concerned that he might dart into traffic.

So, at one point one of the deputies took him and restrained him and that ultimately resulted in him struggling and at one point even scratching the deputy.”

According to Honea:

“When you are restraining somebody, even when you are doing it so they don’t harm themselves and they are screaming and yelling you know the optics of that aren’t good, it doesn’t look good.”

Ramsey believes the handcuffs only made her son more distressed and agitated.


Honea said his “heart goes out to all of the people” concerned for the boy’s welfare, however, the officer never intended to harm the 8-year-old.

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6 Replies to “Eight-Year-Old With Disabilities Was Handcuffed After He Strayed off Campus. His Mom Is Outraged”

  • Jane 2 years ago

    Looks like it’s something he should get used to with his mother making every excuse under the sun for his unruly behavior. What did she want the officers to do? Hug him and read him a bedtime story while he dodged traffic? No no no don’t do that Bobby. Wake up. The media is so slighted against police officers it’s a tragedy! Think you can do better? Then go to the academy and try to fix the system you feel is soo broken!

    • Catherine McIver 1 year ago

      He has a mental disability! DISABILITY!! He likely has autism or is at least on the spectrum because the school has a protocol put in place for him. Don’t you get that? May you never have a child/grandchild with this disability!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Public schools are NOT the place for kids with “mental disabilities”. If you have a retarded child then he should be in facilities that are equipped to handle things of this nature. Public schools are not mental institutions and teachers are not trained to handle retards.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      You are a retard

      • Zane 1 year ago

        No, they actually have a point, if stated somewhat bluntly. Public schools are incredibly harsh, even on children who aren’t on-spectrum. Some have the proper resources, including teachers who have been trained in special education and security measures that are effective. Parents should do their research and find a school that sufficiently meets their child’s needs. The officer may not have had a choice in restraining the child, but he should never have been allowed to wander so far from the campus in the first place.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    It is the law that a child has to go to school, mentally ill or not. The school then needs to better equip themselves such as having gates so kids can’t wander off. It is the schools responsibility to take care of the child once he leaves the parents. Where was the aide that should have been with him knowing he is a wanderer. You can’t blame the mother, she is following the laws and sending her child to school, trusting that they will keep him safe. The school is supposed to have intensively trained teachers and staff to teach the child so he can become a contributing citizen when I he grows up. And lately, I’ve seen the disabled work a hell of a lot harder than our ‘normal’ citizens’, so our schools must be doing something right with these ‘UNRULY’ and “RETARDED” children. Too bad they can’t seem to fix the “normal” ones who turn out to be judgemental assholes.

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