“Finders keepers, losers weepers,” is usually how the saying goes. But not for this eight-year-old boy.

Jaron Johnson struck gold last week when he spotted a $100 bill at his local Louisiana Walmart. However, rather than keep the cash for himself, Johnson was intent on finding the rightful owner, according to KALB.

He said:

“I gave it to my mom and then the next day when we woke up I reminded her to call Walmart to see if anyone reported it.”

Eighty-six-year-old James Grice was the person who dropped the bill, and he was hoping that someone who “really need[ed] that money” found it. He said:

“When I walked outside of the store I said Lord let somebody that really needs that money, find it. When I turn things over to the Lord, I don’t fool with it anymore.”

Grice himself lives on a fixed income, and losing his money meant he wasn’t able to buy groceries that day.

When Johnson and Grice met at the end of the weekend, both were elated. Johnson was happy to have helped, and Grice felt fortunate to have his money back. Of Johnson, the senior citizen said:

“That child right there, he’s 100 percent to me.”

As a reward, Grice gave the eight-year-old a twenty dollar bill, as well as an open invitation of fresh tomatoes.

Johnson’s mother, Jodie, is immensely proud of her son, saying:

“We talked about it on the way home, you know, people work hard for their money. I was immediately proud of him. He’s a great kid, he has amazing character.”

She added: “He does the right thing even when no one is looking.”

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