On Friday, December 15, the nation’s capital was in good hands. Thanks to Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic, the Metropolitan Police Department, and countless volunteers, 8-year-old Ember was able to be the city’s finest officer for the day, as Dearly reports.

Ember fights his own battle with cystic fibrosis every day, but rather than spending his wish on a day for himself, he decided to dedicate it to helping others.

Because of his medical condition, the brave boy lost one of his lungs at just 2 years old. However, he put all his energy into keeping Washington, D.C., safe.


Throughout the day, he was sent to a number of locations with problems only he could solve. He spent the day alongside fellow police officers and K-9 police dogs looking for clues, helping civilians, and serving justice.

Among the many highlights of Officer Ember’s day: He placed a “thief” under arrest at the Library of Congress after finding one of his gloves where a “special” book was stolen.

He also was the only one able to re-light the National Christmas Tree at the White House:

And he was honored by the chief of police for being the hero of the day:

Although Ember can’t enter into the police academy any time soon, his fellow officers and local community were honored to have him serve their community— even for a few hours.

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8-Year-Old Boy Living With One Lung Was Given a Wish — And He Spent It on Protecting His City

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