Jessica Simpson cannot catch a break lately.

From awkward comments about her daughter’s “milkshake” to uncomfortable interviews about baby-making, Simpson’s caught the public’s attention.

And now, she’s captured them once more with a highly contested Instagram post of her daughter, Maxwell, in a bikini posing sassily on a scooter:

The snap, posted with the caption, “Safety First,” received tons of heat in the comments from concerned parents claiming that the series of photos were inappropriate.

One commenter was cautious of exposing children on social media:

“I wouldn’t expose my daughter this way … that is just me. Shoot I don’t even know if I want any pics of my kids on social media …”

Another claimed the bikini was a bit too teeny:

“Look at the swim suit. Are you high. That’s an extremely tiny swim suit for a what, a six year old? Nah, that right there is just insanity.”

This commenter felt that photo was just plain sexual:

“And it Looks like jessica Simpson is already sexualizing her 5 yr old daughter. And it’s not just the bikini, look at how she’s posing…….and it is sad that we need to say something about it, cause of the world we live in!”

But more than a few commenters slowly turned up to side with Simpson. She had her fair share of supporters, such as this user who asked the haters to keep out of the singer’s business:

“Everyone needs to mind their own business!!!!!”

Some even said she was cute:

“She’s adorable. The people commenting and sexualizing this cute little girl are the ones with the real problem. Get a life.”

Regardless of the haters, it’s obvious that the “Dukes of Hazzard” star has some major love for her daughter. I’m sure we’ll see more sassy snaps all summer long.

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