Meghan Davidson was just days away from her due date when the unimaginable happened during a walk with her mother outside her Florida home.

The 26-year-old mother of two became the victim of a freak accident.

Now, she’s fighting for her life, NBC2 reports.

Just seven days left before her due date, Davidson was struck by a bolt of lightning. She was rushed to the hospital, where doctors delivered her son, Owen.


Meanwhile, Davidson remains in intensive care. Though her condition is listed as critical, she has shown signs of improvement.

A member of her church, Carol Bridges, said:

“Meghan is showing signs of improvement. They have lowered the amount of oxygen that she is getting and they have lowered the sedation.”

Davidson has also begun to show signs of reaction when her husband speaks to her.

While his mother heals, Owen’s condition is still unknown. Fellow church member Linda Kelly said:

“I understand tomorrow they are going to start running some tests and that on him.”

McGregor Baptist Church has been holding prayer vigils to show their support for the family. Kelly shared her heartbreak for the mother and her newborn son:

“I think it’s devastating, you know, you just don’t understand why some tragedy happens.”

Bridges described the devastation Davidson’s family has been going through since the lightning struck her, “A mother of two other children, too; you know how this is tearing their entire family apart.”


While they wait for the mother and son to heal, they continue to pray. McGregor Baptist Lead Pastor Russell Howard said:

“Lord, I’m asking for healing for this mom and for his baby.”

As Bridges said, “We are just all praying for a miracle.”

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