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Dad Thought 6-Year-Old Had Fallen on New Year’s Until Hospital Revealed She’d Been Shot in Head


A California family was outside their Oakland home at midnight on New Year’s when gunshots rang out.

Roxanne Perez said she could hear a family party going on at her neighbor’s house when someone started firing off a weapon in celebration nearby. She told ABC 13:

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, you know. And I told my husband, ‘Baby, we better get our butts in the house before we get hit.'”

That’s when a 6-year-old girl attending the party was struck in the head by a bullet, according to police.

The homeowner who threw the party didn’t wish to be identified but told the outlet that it was his friend’s daughter who was shot.

He said the father assumed the girl had fallen and hit her head, but learned she had actually been shot when he rushed her to the hospital.

Police said a bullet was also found in a parked car near the home and the person likely fired the gun within a mile of the party.

Another neighbor, Latoya Keller, told KGO that she doesn’t go outside on New Year’s because of the danger:

“That’s part of the reason I stay at home, is people are out there doing what they shouldn’t be.”

Oakland police chief Anne Kirkpatrick is now asking for local residents to find a more safe way to ring in the new year. She said:

“This is our mantra, it is put the guns down. It is foolishness, it is unnecessary, and in this case, quite an innocent child was affected and harmed by this foolishness.”

Police are currently offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the person responsible for firing the weapon. They are encouraging members of the public to speak out.

Thankfully, the child is in stable condition and is expected to be okay.

Watch the video below:

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    • This is idiocy, what goes up, WILL come down!! If you MUST shoot a gun, (a horrible idea, BTW), shooting into the ground is a much safer idea. But even that isn’t a great idea, there are potentially sewer lines, water pipes, telephone cables, power cables, etc. that could be damaged, all better than harming or killing a human no doubt, but still all very good reasons to just go buy some fireworks, and save the guns for protection and or target practice at the appropriate time….

  1. And this happened in California, which has supposedly super strict rules on gun ownership, but probably whoever had and shot this gun was an illegal immigrant who doesn’t follow the rules of the land and is allowed to roam free under the sanctuary laws there.

    • You sound incredibly ignorant. How did you reach the conclusion that it was an illegal immigrant who shot the gun? As shown everyday, there are plenty of American citizens who do not follow laws and do terrible things.

  2. These people are as dumb as former Vice President Biden, when you shoot a gun, that odd thing happens with gravity, what goes up, comes down, and that includes bullets.

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