For many parents, the fun aspects of holidays like Easter end when their children hit their teenage years. However, they don’t have to.

If you’re feeling nostalgia for the days when your teen was just your baby, consider making them an Easter basket this year for old time’s sake. Although you can’t relive those old memories, you can create new ones.

But what would you put in an Easter basket for a teenager?

Portable Phone Charger:


It’s not surprising that most teens are glued to their phones, but as a parent, you probably spend a lot of time wishing they would put it down. However, as they get older and start to explore the world more on their own, you want to ensure that they can reach you in the case of an emergency or just to check in. Therefore, a portable charging bank could be a great, inexpensive, yet useful gift to toss in your teen’s Easter basket. Portable phone chargers come in all shapes and styles and are available for just about any phone.

Photo Album:


Take a trip down memory lane by including a photo album in the Easter basket. Print some photos right at home or at a local library and toss them in a scrapbook to store all those wonderful memories in one place. This gift is sure to create a bonding moment between parents and children of all ages as they comment and reflect on the included pictures.

Candy & Easter Eggs:


Don’t be afraid to include the things your kids enjoyed when they were younger! Besides, no Easter basket is complete without marshmallow birds, chocolate bunnies, and colorful eggs. Including these treats will maintain the Easter theme and potentially bring back those old feelings you had when all your children wanted was coloring books and stuffed animals. Stop at your local dollar store or Walmart for all your sweet needs.

Photo Key Chain:

Whether they link it to their bag or keys, this Easter basket present is a great accessory your kid can take everywhere they go. Consider including their favorite family photo or an Easter picture from a few years prior to add some sentimental value to the gift.

Perfume/Cologne Samples:


Who doesn’t like to smell good? Fragrance samples can be a great, inexpensive gift that your not-so-little girl or guy will surely appreciate. They can toss it in their book bag, pocket, or purse to use on the go. To make it more egg-citing remove the fragrance bottles from their packs and place each one in a separate plastic easter egg before putting them in the basket.

Gift Cards:

Pick up a $10 gift card towards gas, their favorite fast food restaurant, or a general Visa to toss into the mix. This is a perfect way to give your teen a sense of freedom by allowing them to spend money on something they need or love. To maintain the holiday theme, insert the gift card under a candy bar wrapper!

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